Sara Landry is the High Priestess of Hard Techno, Here’s Why

Sara Landry by Yuya Ohashi
Sara Landry. Photo courtesy of Yuya Ohashi

Sara Landry is a DJ, producer and audio engineer, releasing her Wiccan-infused hard techno sounds.

Check out her enchanting beats that instantly summon the vibes.

Who is Sara Landry?

Sara Landry DJing
Landry hails from Texas. Photo courtesy of Juanma Alvarado

Sara Landry is a 29-year-old self-taught DJ, producer and audio engineer from Texas, inspired by the night-long, intense and heavy raves found in Europe.

Her production journey started once upon a time with a trip to Berghain. There she instantly fell in love with techno, and decided to bring that energy back to the US.

Making European waves in the USA

Her annoyance at the early closure of clubs in the US fueled her to share the European rave scene with her homeland. This work of taking European sound to the States has led her to US events at Red Rocks, Brooklyn Mirage, Arc Music Festival, Coachella and elsewhere – the list just goes on and on.

Landry has since moved to Berlin and is becoming a big name for both European and American ravers, getting her a spot at Teletech (a renowned rave series in Manchester) where she recorded her first Boiler Room set.

Witnessing the real-time evolution of Sara Landry

Sara Landry playing in front of a busy backstage crowd. Photo courtesy of Juanma Alvarado
Her shows are quite high energy. Photo courtesy of Juanma Alvarado

After checking out her extremely energetic Boiler Room, it’s time to delve into her discography.

Let’s scroll all the way back to her debut release in 2018, with ‘Chasm,’ where you’ll notice the impressive journey she has been on since then. The spooky atmosphere she’s known for is still present, but far less intense.

Move up through her later releases, and you’ll notice an increase in BPM, heavier bass, and the goddess-like vocals start to enter. It’s with ‘Value’ in 2020 that she solidifies her own niche in the hard techno genre.

Landry’s divine sound

Sara Landry Photo courtesy of Juanma Alvarado
Sara Landry frequents US and EU clubs. Photo courtesy of Juanma Alvarado

Landry is influenced by nostalgic 90’s hardcore and occult Wicca which can be heard in her sets and tracks that creates a mystical and celestial blend of typical hard-core beats  that would even please the gabber heads.

In 2019 she started KLUBHAUS, a Texan warehouse event held at The Oven and streamed live directly onto her Twitch.

Angelic vocals, demonic beats

Sara Landry Photo courtesy of Juanma Alvarado
Sara Landry masters the hard techno genre. Photo courtesy of Juanma Alvarado

Landry has a knack for merging angelic vocals into demonic beats, creating a perfectly balanced harmony that elevates her witchy aura. If we’re to sum up her releases into one word it would be, enchanting.

Not sure if witch-core techno is your thing? Take a spin on her 2021 EP ‘Incoming’, the sound perfectly matches the track titles. The third track on the EP, ‘Peer Pressure’, blends an aggressive beat with whispered vocals, while adding a Mean Girls quote into the drop. Landry’s expertise and personality shine through here, creating a tune that sends you right back to your high school days.

Is Sara Landry just TikTok techno?

Some techno elitists have taken to labelling her as “TikTok techno,” downplaying her music as “digestible to non-ravers”.

While it’s true that she found her internet fame through the platform, her discography and experience are far from basic.

Sara Landry owns her own audio engineering and custom scoring business since 2020 and started her own record label dedicated to her Wicca practice, HEKATE Records. She has been releasing music for artists such as Charlie Sparks and Alt8, as well as her own productions since 2022.

On a side note, if you want to read more about how artists are making it big on social media today, read our piece on how TikTok is developing the music industry.

Where can you see Sara Landry play?

Sara Landry smiling behind the decks. Photo courtesy of Yuya Ohashi
See Sara Landry play in Lucca, Italy this April. Photo courtesy of Yuya Ohashi

Aside from her Twitch, you’ll be able to find her making her way around Europe starting in the Manchester, UK in February, 2024. If you’re in the States, then you can catch her on the 30th of March in LA.

A few stand out shows for 2024 that we would highly recommend is her first all-night show in Lucca, Italy this April, and her appearances at a long list of massive festivals this year such as VERKNIPT, EMERGE and Terminal V.

Sara Landry Socials

Written by Alice Milne

Alice or Daisy as they like to be known, is a Journalist studying at Malta University. They are a film nerd when at home, and raver at heart.

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