Techno Collaboration by Vitamin: Poland, Lithuania meet Malta

Techno Vitamin Malta

Vitamin Malta showcased two foreign DJs at Liquid club last night, reconfirming their rising presence in Maltese techno. It is a part of their ever-growing promotion and international techno exchange.

Techno and pierogi

Sitting in the entrance of Liquid in an aura of throbbing bass, Ukash told me about a rising scene back in Poland.

“I have been clubbing in Poland since ’99 and I’ve been playing for 15 years. Every year it gets better. I recommend anyone to come and see that we have great nightlife really good pierogi. ”

Ukash brought his energetic brand of Polish techno in great style. His set was nice and heavy, probably like those Polish dumplings.

Vitamin Malta style

If music is a universal language then Bionic – the mind behind Vitamin Malta – fluently speaks the dialect of techno. He brought lively beats and a big hype to Liquid club making any electronic music lover feel at home.

Playing cool and confident, his years of experience behind the decks are evident and add to his growing local influence amongst young and bass hungry Maltese ravers. Aside from this, everyone loves a DJ that dances harder than the raver.

After Ukash and Adrian opened the gates of darkness, Under Black Helmet released the Kraken. Lithuanian-born Julius Laurašonis changed tracks rapidly and with great efficiency, relentlessly beating techno into our eardrums.

He plays of high caliber, and according to Resident Advisor, has played with other high profile members of this dark genre such as Dax JPhase Fatale, Stanislav Tolkachev and Kobosil. We thank Vitamin for bringing him on.

Warm reception

The Vitamin team is known for their warm reception of foreign DJs. Ellen Linde, Finnish artist and Vitamin member offered him a black and white oil painting of himself upon his arrival backstage.

By the look on this face he was charmed to say the least and I doubt that he was ever received in a club in such a way. He carefully placed his new portrait to the left side of the booth so that it could observe him enter a dark and dirty techno performance.

Under Black Helmet starting his set with a portrait of himself.

Techno is a strange and irregular genre and the Vitamin crew behind the scenes brought this together very nicely. Amongst a sea of techno promoters, Vitamin feels like a genuine movement putting music and the artists before anything else.

Under Black Helmet Socials

Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has six years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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