Top 13 Mad Productions from Dax J – Pure Techno Music Savagery

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We present to you pure techno music savagery – a top list of the most insane productions from Dax J.

This producer and DJ from London is high up on our list of favorite underground music producers. It’s simply because he has mastered the ability to convey evil sounding, high quality techno.

From toned down to pure madness

Dax J wasn’t always spinning music for poorly lit warehouses. His earlier releases from 2009-2011 are much more toned down and pensive. Still groovy, but in a different way. The productions he released over the years reflect the changing nature of a true artist.

Yet, we digress. This article is really only about the heavy hitters, the dark side of techno. Read on to find 13 of the most maddening tracks Dax J has to offer. Hold on tight – we hope you enjoy your passage through the River Styx of the techno underworld.

1. “Offending Public Morality” on Offending Public Morality, a classic intense Dax J album

Three words to describe this track? Pure, f****** evil. I remember hearing this one at Glitch Festival in Malta, front and center. Absolute reign of terror. A great slap in the face, wake-up-and-smell-the-techno track. A perfect intro to the world of Dax J.

2. “Reclaim Our Lost Honor” on the same album, down to the burning fire you go

So many mad productions on this album. But this second one stands out, goes deep and drags you down to the fiery pits of the underworld. Lots of different aspects of this that differentiate it from your usual techno. Great sampling, obscure use of acid and multi layered tones. Dax nails it here.

3. “Reshape the Future” off Brixton EP, techno music dripping in acid tones

Released off the 2022 EP, this beauty dropped last year. Classic Dax J on “Reshape the Future” – we cannot complain.

A YouTube comment by Edward put it plainly: “As a metalhead This shit goes hard DAWG 🤟🔥”

4. “Something in the Woods” from the D1 EP from 2013

More obscure Dax J from the early 2010s. The music really matches the title in this case. It’s a 4/4 techno beat that leads you on a lonely path in the forest, eerie unhuman sounds can be heard that crescendo into one of his darker productions.

5. “The Final Wavescape” from Soul Enforcer LP, no funny business techno music

Following “Sunrise in Kyiv” a beautiful track in itself, “The Final Wavescape” is Dax J’s second track on the Soul Enforcer LP.

No funny business, right to the beat. It’s unrelenting acid and about halfway through the track things start tilting out of control. By the end of the production you’ve left your brains on the dancefloor – heavy s***.

6. “The Director of Chaos” from the same album

When you think everything is going as planned on this track, chaos ensues – you should’ve figured. You can hear echoes of his past samples in the background of this very layered techno music track. Don’t listen to this one before going to bed.

YouTube user a5ag baptizes him “Dax Jesus”.

7. “Closer To God” on the Imperial Propoganda EP, dark techno music at it’s finest

Perhaps closer to Satan on this one.

Recorded in Berlin in 2015, this one creeps up on you and before you know it you’ve invited all of your demon friends out for a night on the town. Sounds like the midnight train to hell – we like it.

8. “Babylon – Original Mix” off Descendents of Sinners, one intense single

For many, “Kill False Prophets” is the crown jewel off the Descendents of Sinners album, however the track preceding it “Babylon” is absolutely brutal. Low key savage at first, but this one picks you up and throws you in the deep end of piranha-infested waters.

9. “Devine Right” on Shades of Black LP, black bliss

The buildup on this one is unstoppable. It’s epic and pulls something from inside you that you never knew existed. Interspersed with outer space sounds and lingering acid feels, “Devine Right” is up there on the list of Dax J’s most prolific heavy hitters.

10. “Wir Leben Für Die Nacht” on The Invisible Man EP, top techno music from the underworld   

Translates to “we live for the night”. We fully believe that this track fully embodies Dax J’s stance on techno – eerie, mesmerizing and right in the face.

One of his more listened to tracks, the energy on this one makes it one for the books.

11. “No Redemption” off the No Redemption EP, hot and sweaty techno music

What a way to start an EP! This raging track is a defining characteristic of Dax J and his transcending hard style of techno. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for those who understand it, there is a universe of meaning embedded in the fabric of this music.

From dazza on YouTube: “Love the relentless no mercy style of dax j no fucking around sounds”

12. “Chaos Come To Conquer” first track on an EP of the same title rips a hole in the galaxy

This is the type of track that makes us come back to listen to Dax J over and over again. From acid to industrial to progressively degenerating into a black hole. It’s 5:48 of tumultuous techno music.

13. “Speedball” again off the Chaos Come To Conquer EP

The last time I heard this was at the Dance Arena of EXIT Festival in 2019 past sunrise – Dax J was commanding an army at this point. And it’s no surprise, you could wake a graveyard with this one.

Dax J delivers yet again.

Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has six years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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