Why You Need to Start Your Spring With Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler

Winter is on the way out… it’s almost time for some spring cleaning. Let’s start with your playlist! Christian Löffler is releasing new music this spring – here’s why his ambient mixes will set the best mood this new season.

First, meet the most zen guy ever

If spring came along with its own electronic ambience, it would surely be Löffler’s discography – soft, dreamy, and hopeful. The 38-year-old German musician is a multi-talented musical legend, starting his earliest musical journey as a guitarist and drummer, before moving into a passion for electronic music as a teenager.

Löffler’s current works are complete zen soundscapes. By fusing techno, ambient, dance and deep-house elements together he has created his own distinct sound.

He’s well-known for his immersive sets – from cemetery churches to French castle ruins (which you should definitely check out), the calm auras he creates in those spaces are truly magnificent. 

At just 24 years old, Löffler started his own record label, Ki Records. Ki Records successfully brings together electronic artists from around the world who all share the same passion and vibe for ambient & techno sound.

Upcoming music from Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler live
Christian Löffler live

On the 1st of March his new single ‘Portals feat. Mogli’ will be dropping. Looking at their past collaboration in Envy, we can expect her hauntingly mellow vocals to combine with his quietly beautiful beats in an irresistible fusion.

Then be ready for the 26th of April, where Löffler’s new album A Life will be releasing. Said to be his “most intuitive album to date,” Löffler has said that he “wanted to forget the idea of polishing or perfection and really just make something very human, with passion, impulsiveness and even mistakes.” In his words, this action is what makes a life worth living.

This album should see collabs with Mogli and Malou – a singer songwriter who has worked with multiple DJs to use her vocals as the perfect moodsetter.

Dip into Christian Löffler’s early tracks

Kicking it off with his critically acclaimed 2012 debut album A Forest, the up-beat and funky first track immediately grabs your attention and gives you a sign as to how Löffler’s vision will come to be. Then, drop down into Feelharmonia, where he worked with swing vocalist Gry to create an spectacularly eery vibe. It’s a lantern-in-the-fog type of song. 

Get into his Boiler Room set from 2014, and you’ll notice his sound had already become so much more defined.

If you’re unsure where to start from, head all the way back to Heights. This 2009 EP is a much darker take on his overall sound- it’s moody, a bit spooky and, nevertheless, really good. Make sure you tune into Silent Night – my own recommendation from this EP.

Make your way through his sound

Christian Löffler live performance

His latest album Parallels in 2021 came from his love of Beethoven, Chopin and other massive composers to celebrate 250 years of Beethoven. Teaming up with Deutsche Grammophon he tastefully reworked some classic compositions into his own reinterpretation to bridge an entirely new connection between the classical and electronic industries. Watching his live set of Freiyheit with Beethoven Quartett Bonn is an emotional experience –we’d recommend partaking in.

He’s been teasing new music for 2024 all over his social media. In fact, he’s already kicked off the year by dropping Ease, a much more adrenaline inducing track compared to his previous works. We’re definitely excited to see what’s in store for this year.

Understanding Christian Löffler’s inspiration 

Christian Löffler inspiration

Looking at the northeast coast of Berlin, Graal-Müritz, it’s easy to see how living there has inspired Löffler. The sleepy Baltic-sea-side village is picturesque, and perfectly encapsulates the sound that he gives us. Growing up as an artist and painter, he ended up running into a love for Paul Kalkbrenner, and from there took on the mission of curating his own ambience and turning it into his career.

He’s been said to get the inspiration from his tracks from the environment he’s been in- with his albums A Forest and Mare being named aptly after the areas he would spend the most time in while preparing to release music. His album Graal was named after his hometown, pulling together his feelings of nostalgia for home in a hauntingly beautiful record.

He’s also pulled inspiration from Moby over the years, as seen in (my personal favorite) his Porcelain remix.

Where can you find more of Christian Löffler?

Catch up on Löffler’s tracks on his Spotify, keep an eye on his Instagram or Facebook, or just check his website for tour dates (Hint: Starting May, he’ll be touring Europe). No matter what you end up doing, it’s absolutely worth it.

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Written by Alice Milne

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