The Best Filmed Psytrance Sets of Universo Paralello Festival 2022 / 2023

Universo Paralello Praia da Pratigi Photo Credit @luksgil
Praia da Pratigi Photo Credit @luksgil

It’s two weeks since Brazil’s most famous psy trance event Universo Paralello Festival finished and the DJ sets are starting to trickle onto YouTube.

We watched everything available and found a handful of brilliant psytrance and progressive trance sets that are both acoustically and visually immersive. Then we slapped them onto a list for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome to Universo Paralello Festival

Akasha's set at Universo Paralello 2022/2023
Akasha’s set at Universo Paralello 2022/2023

Universo Paralello Festival is a bi-annual gathering psytrance ravers on Praia de Pratigi in Bahia, Brazil, a beach with fine, white sand that sifts like flour through your toes. It’s a festival that takes place over the course of 7 days on the last week of the year featuring Brazilian and international psytrance, techno and progressive house acts.

The set design is always astonishing, simply another factor that makes this one awe-inspiring destination festival. Those who visit are immersed into nature, music, art and culture and likely will never forget a place like this. And for those that couldn’t make it, you now have it on your screen in 4K.

Do note that there will still be more sets to premiere. And secondly, all the sets below are from Brazilian psytrance DJs. So if you are unfamiliar with the scene, consider this your formal introduction.

1. Akasha, classic full power psytrance at Universo Paralello Festival

This is classic psy trance set featuring heaver beats made for the darkness of the night. Akasha is a resident of São Paolo and he changes people’s perspectives through his music.

Valuing knowledge and ancient wisdom, he blends psytrance with philosophies from Hinduism, Buddhism and hermeticism with the objective to wake his listeners with the feeling of connectivity.

2. Sighter, melodic, progressive and full of joy

A view of Praia da Pratigi
A view of Praia da Pratigi

This day set brings forth the full beauty of the psytrance genre and the magnificent location of Universo Parallelo. The style is much lighter than other types of trance that can be played during the day or night.

Sighter is a revered and respected Brazilian psychedelic trance act. He’s an active producer who released a handful of singles on Spotify last year.

3. Perception, a psytrance set for those who like it techier

The location where Perception played at Universo Paralello Festival
The location where Perception played at Universo Paralello Festival

Swirl into Perception’s live set watching him take the crowd to another level backdropped with the green-blue waves of Bahia lapse onto shore. A bit techier, but very much on point, especially the breakdowns demonstrating his unique take on psy trance.

We love the shots where you can observe the three levels of sea, stage and forest – a pure delight for the eyes and ears.

Perception is a psytrance and progressive trance DJ but also an active music producer. His set is very dynamic and uplifting set – quite difficult to stay seated while listening to this one.

4. Synthatic, a pulsating night set at Universo Paralello festival

Synthatic, full of life and energy
Synthatic, full of life and energy

Enter the darkness with Synthatic’s Universo Paralello set. It’s got a techno feeling that is very expressive and deep. Darker themes here with a no-joking-around attitude under the UV lights. Impressive builds and great tonalities make this a great psytrance set. We Shazamed quite a few off this one.

Synthatic graduated with an education in electronic music production and releases music with hard hitting lines mixed with intricate melodies.

5. FNX, full throttle into the night

FNX playing a powerful set
FNX playing a powerful set at Universo Paralello Festival

Squelchy, acidic and unrelenting. It’s what you want to hear in the middle of the night at Universo Paralello and it’s what FNX delivers.

FNX’s sets are known to be energy-packed with powerful basslines and melodies.

6. Becker, a powerful and hypnotic set at Universo Paralello

Starting off the set with powerful chanting, Becker signals the arrival of something significant and powerful. Indeed, the first track he picks delivers just that.

As a respected psytrance DJ in Brazil, he delivers a hypnotic set that’s easy to get lost in. Let Becker guide you through and one note – this is another one hard not to dance to.

He is one of the most recognized DJs and prodcuers in the Brazilian psytrance scene with the confidence of someone that has been in the game for a while. Enter his artistic universe on this one.

Brazil too far away for a psytrance festival?

Check out our article on OZORA , Europe’s most famous psytrance festival, where we go in deep.

Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has six years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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