Apocalyptic Rave Music: Fractions to Release Fresh EP

Apocalyptic Rave Music: Fractions to Release Fresh EP

Strap yourselves in – Prague-based duo Fractions is about to send you skyrocketing into an apocalyptic psyche with hard-hitting, mind altering beats and ‘an ever-present 4-to-the-floor kick.’

Their aggressive melodies collide the signature sounds of 90’s rave with subliminal growls of industrial distortions that puts them on the map for today’s electronic body music and techno maelstrom. Their upcoming release is the techno tidal wave we need to kick things into high gear with an array of sonic disturbances and ominous cuts.


The integral work on their latest project is “the perfect sublimation of acid and techno combined with infectious leads that spiral into pulsing rhythms for what is an outstanding, no-nonsense and diverse take on modern day warehouse music.”

Check out their track premier ‘Do You Believe’ from the upcoming EP on SoundCloud: 

Russian producers Nikki Korobeynik and Artem Frolov bring together Fractions. Emitting high-energy, genre-bending tracks that are unapologetically raw, ominous and quite reminiscent of what an apocalyptic rave would sound like.

They share the same energy as techno power house Dax J, who also falls under Monnom Black- the same record label shared with Fractions and a number of other killer artists. 

Fractions took off when Nikki and Artem came together at University in Prague, after both their families decided to leave Russia in the early 2000’s after the fall of the USSR. Both guys were heavily into hardcore metal before diving into the field of electronic production, which probably pays tribute to their belligerent sound. They turned to the combative sounds of acid and rave after getting into the soundtracks of films like The Matrix, Mortal Kombat and Blade, which all have one thing in common: the apocalypse.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for NITE NRG EP which is coming out on Monnom Black on 26th June. 

Image Courtesy of Dima Alivanov