Baltra releases a brand new EP

Baltra releases a brand new EP

Ready to ease you into the week are four new melodic tracks from Baltra. 

Known for his lo-fi music, the latest EP moves away from this style to a rather more atmospheric vibe. 

Listening to the ambient tones of the EP gives you a certain transcendental feeling. With each song smoothly flowing you feel as if you’re floating into some spiritual journey. 

Looking at his album you’ll realise that the song names make up the title of the album. It’s no surprise that the album title is super long, as it’s basically every song name mashed up into one sentence. 

 So, check out ‘when i said i’m okay what i really meant was please listen’ on his Spotify below.

Adding to his latest release on Spotify is his eighteen minute Youtube video for the EP. The video is filled with a bunch of 90’s aesthetic scenes layered over with his new music.