Bandcamp Extend Vinyl Pressing Service For Musicians

Vinyl sales on music streaming website Bandcamp are set to beat last year’s figures of two million LP’s sold.

This will be achieved through the extension of the website’s vinyl pressing service to the wider Bandcamp community after successful pilots to a small number of artists.

Back in 2019 Bandcamp started this service on the back of ever-increasing vinyl sales and a need to give more financial control over to musicians.

This works out great for composers, producers, and labels because the risk of expense and time involved gets eliminated with followers being notified by the website that you have launched a campaign and leaving the financing down to your fans. All you must worry about is design and pricing.

The service will run alongside Bandcamp Fridays which is the website’s incentive to support artists by wavering fees on the first Friday of every month. The incentive was launched last March during the pandemic and has since helped by paying out some 30 million euros to musicians.

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