Beirut and Malta meet.. and have a fling

Beirut and Malta meet.. and have a fling

Halloumi burgers, short films and the intermingling of Mediterranean cultures – IWA from Beirut to Malta was an event bringing together Lebanese and Maltese organizations for the sake of art, short films and electronic music, all in the front yard of our favorite post-weekend watering hole, the Funky Monkey.

A big screen was put in place and a whole lot of pallet chairs were arranged into an outdoor cinematic experience. Twenty-three short movies were aired one after the other, showing Lebanese, Maltese and French productions, each 1-5 minutes long. One of our favorite clips was from the Wanton Bishops, Lebanese rock and blues band.

Hitman by the Wanton Bishops


We thank Das Scharf for bringing their creative collaborations to Malta with the help of Triq Cinemoon Festival and Gallery Marcoux. Funky Monkey on the other hand has once again hit above its weight and managed to pull off something genuinely cool.

The owners of Café Society were around as well for a live DJ set, pulling on their e-cigs with decorative yard lights hanging behind them, probably emitting the funkiest vibes on the island. A Sunday night well spent.