BPM Festival Comes to Malta:

BPM Festival Comes to Malta:

Described as the event for all electronic music lovers, BPM will be hitting the Maltese shores this September.

Happening on the picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta, BPM’s family of music lovers will be reuniting once more. Jam packed with events the festival will be hosting some of your favourite house and techno artists. With three full days of respected house and techno DJs, BPM will not let you down. 

Get ready as BPM plans on taking over from the 11th to the 13th of September. Head over to their website to follow up on ticket and line up updates. Ticket prices start from €199 for general admission to €229 for VIP tickets. 

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Story of BPM:

Short for ‘’Bartenders, Promoters and Musicians’’ BPM was created back in 2008.

It’s first appearance at Playa Del Carmen Mexico, was a great hit. Since then BPM began to expand with around 70,000 party goers, DJs, and music professionals attending.

Playa Del Carmen was the perfect location for constant day and night parties. The festival programme was divided into a bunch of different events across all the beach and nightclubs. With parties held across beaches with soft white sand and turquoise waters, BPM is seen as the mecca for music lovers. 

After its great success in Mexico, BPM won ‘International Festival’ from the DJ awards in 2013. Since then they began to host one off events at some of the best music hotspots. It made several appearances from Bali to Ibiza, New York, and much more. 

Seen as a little party monster BPM began to blow up globally. From headlining a bunch of artists in Portugal, BPM expanded its festival to Tel Aviv, Costa Rica, and now Malta. 

Family through music:

If there’s one thing that makes BPM unique, it’s definitely the crowd.

If you’re into the party scene you’ve definitely had moments in the crowd where you felt part of some group. BPM is definitely the place to experience this. The crowd slowly forms into a community through the commonalities and passion people share for music. As party goers come together they break barriers through their devotion for music and dance. 

The mixture of the atmosphere with the music and crowd creates a special effect. It’s almost as if you’re going through a transcendent musical experience. 

Enter a stress free musical paradise and make a bunch of new connections with music lovers.

Prep for BPM:

If you’re not convinced about going to BPM this September check out their Spotify channel to get in the vibe. 

Their channel has a selection of playlists based on their main events back in Portugal, Tel Aviv and Costa Rica. Listening to each one will give you a feel of how BPM likes to party and what to expect.