Electronic Energy: Introducing Alias 1

Electronic Energy: Introducing Alias 1

At around 11pm on the first night of OTR’s (Corona Free) Bed and Boogie Weekender, Ian and I made our way to Ron’s Rave Pit to witness some real time music magic. Although Aidan is very fresh onto the music scene the energy emanated is intense and rather infectious, fluctuating between soft, ethereal tones and hard-hitting bass lines. So, it’s a little difficult to stand still while watching him perform.  

The vibe was up from start to finish and once the set was over, we scheduled an interview with Aidan, in hopes of gaining some deeper insight into the fresh and young mind of this talented individual. 

Hit that play button to listen in: 

He goes by two names- Aidan Sommers is used for his general compositions and productions. But if you are looking to explore his electronic energy, look out for the musical sorcerer under the name ‘Alias-1’ which is used for his club project. 

Starting the Musical Journey

Aidan: “ I started out with no musical background at all, apart from listening to my mother’s singing and a few years of theatre performance. A few years into learning music production, I began learning music theory and piano to improve my song writing.

I got into making music just by listening from a young age, being a collector of CD’s & Merch from my favourite artists. Eventually I got out into the clubbing scene which inspired me to learn Djing and eventually Ableton which became my most important tool.

Can you describe yourself in three words? 

Aidan: “Passionate, Intuitive, Emotional”

What music’s been on your ‘recently played tracks’?

Aidan: “I listen mainly to lots of ambient, world music & downtempo artists and bands like ‘Bonobo’ and ‘Thievery Corporation’ and the occasional lofi – hip hop beats in the background help me relax. “

What’s your production process like? 

 My production process is anything from finding a few chords on the piano, to writing a drum rhythm as a foundation for a track or synthesizing an interesting texture to work with. I would continue adding sections and jamming out ideas until an arrangement idea starts to come together. I would then layer this out, listen to it and edit over several times until I’m happy with my piece.  It all depends on the context and how I’m feeling really. 

What style would you categorise your music under? 

Aidan: “ I wouldn’t categorise my music under any genre, as a producer I explore a diversity of styles which all represent my diversity of feelings and life experiences. For me different styles and genres are just other mediums and ways of expressing myself.”

What are some of the perks and shortcomings of being involved in Malta’s music scene? 

Aidan: “Some perks are that as an artist you’re in a scene where you’re contributing to your own growth, as well as the growth of other local artists. It’s great to be in a collaborative environment where people are helping each other as individuals as well as in groups in a collaborative effort, using their talents to create a network of ideas to support one another by exchanging services and skills.

 Some shortcomings are that things might not always go according to plan, cancellations happen and above all it’s the artist’s job to stay mentally and physically healthy in a fast and constantly changing environment.”

What are your aspirations as an artist?

Aidan: “ I aspire to continue writing music inspired by my travels and experiences across the globe, alongside performing and producing with other artists I encounter. “

What kind of vibe does your upcoming EP emanate? 

Aidan: “ Along with a couple of different EP’s I’ve got coming up and an upcoming single with Fattima Mahdi, I’ve just recently finished my first full length album for ‘Alias 1’ which includes a couple of international and local artists. I feel my first full length will give a better understanding of the diversity of the project and the styles that currently represent me.”

You also teach classes on music production, mixing and recording… is there any substantial advice you give to your students? 

Aidan: “Just dig in. There’s nothing better than experience. We live in a world where you can learn anything you put your mind to, all you need is focus and time 🙂 

 Input = Output “

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Aidan: “ I’m excited to mention a project I’ve been focused on in collaboration with other local artists and teachers. Where we’ve been working on developing courses for the foundation of ‘Sawtooth Audio Academy’ which will be launching next year.  Anyone aspiring to learn more about the electronic music world, feel free to contact me.”

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Images Courtesy of 

1- Lorella Castillo

2 +3 – Andrew Mercieca

4- Khalia Parnis