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  • afro nation 2022

    Afro Nation 2022, Portuguese Afrobeats Festival Gets Better & Better

    Afro Nation festival 2022 released its phase two lineup only a few days ago. What we can say is that hype is at an all time high. What is Afro Nation? Afro Nation is a festival hosting major Afrobeats, hip-hop, dancehall, amapiano and Afro house artists. This celebration of black culture will be held between […] More

  • Hot

    Music Festivals 2022: 6 of the Best To Attend in the New Year

    Music Festivals 2022 guide in the current climate? Admittedly, I am currently questioning putting in the effort to make this festival guide. Right now I’m sitting in a smoky café in Niš, Serbia. I arrived into the country smoothly, just with a little extra paperwork. Vibe Chemistry is blasting away in my ears and I’m realizing […] More

  • afrikaburn


    Afrikaburn: Questions Answered About Epic South African Burning Man

    While you daydream of a festival-filled future, allow your thoughts to drift to Afrikaburn. It’s one of the largest and more extreme regional events associated with Burning Man. Afrikaburn, sister of Burning Man Surely you have heard of the original Burning Man, but have you heard of its African sister event, Afrikaburn? It’s a smaller […] More

  • Jacob Peter Gowy (c 1615-1661), The Fall of Icarus (1635-7), oil on canvas, 195 x 180 cm, Museo del Prado, Madrid.

    The Festivals That Flew Too Close to the Sun

    Malta’s festival season is now officially a flop. In fact the whole farce draws parallels with a scene from the mythological story of Icarus.  What global pandemic? Amid a global pandemic and the mass cancellation and rescheduling of festivals around the world, you have Malta. Four major festivals BPM, Rhythm + Waves, Escape 2 the […] More

  • Local Maltese promoters pushed out

    Local Maltese Promoters Suffer, Big Boys Benefit From COVID-19

    Local Maltese promoters banked on the thought of a return to some form of normality, That was before the G7 weekender happened.  Local Maltese promoters hit the hardest Ever since we’ve seen a spike in COVID-19 cases, local organizers have been left with no choice but to cancel their events.  Local Maltese promoters have taken […] More

  • bpm festival

    BPM Festival Comes to Malta, A Call to Those Who Love Electronic Music

    BPM Festival – an event for all electronic music lovers – will be hitting Malta‘s shores this September. Read below about event and ticket info. BPM in picturesque Malta Happening on the picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta, BPM’s family of music lovers will be reuniting once more. Jam packed with events the festival will be […] More

  • Discover A Festival Hub to Escape the Pandemic As Covid Cases Decrease

    A festival hub in the Mediterranean. Everything is (relatively) normal again. Malta’s been blowing up with announcements of big events coming to the island. Malta becoming a festival hub COVID-19 cases have decreased locally and harsh measures are lifted. Punters are to take advantage of our clear skies, warm weather, and bright sun. Yet, Malta becoming […] More

  • Zombie Apocalypse Malta 2019 – Breaking a Record

    ZAM – Zombie Apocalypse Malta was an outright success and for those that survived the second installment of our popular Halloween event congratulations! #piggate  On the 2nd of November, 2019, 1,680 of you –  all dressed as zombies – lived to see a unified Maltese underground music scene.  The event successfully broke last year’s record (which […] More

  • Fattima

    Fattima Mahdi on Tour: Slovenia, London, Malta & Oslo

    Fattima Mahdi will be gracing ten stages in four countries in less than a month making it very clear that hard work really does pay off. Fattima Mahdi Going Home Tour 2019. Deep from the underground something has been stirring, you feel the rumbles and prepare for a quake. Not a thunderstorm or hurricane, it’s […] More

  • fighting-dread-duo-1

    Fighting Dread to Host the Dub Stage at Zombie Apocalypse 2019

    Sitting down in Tigullio club, I catch up with Matthew and James of Fighting Dread. They are a Maltese collaboration of reggae and dub music, to talk about their upcoming set at this year’s Zombie Apocalypse on November 2, 2019. Fighting Dread: Reggae and dub selectors Playing a wide variety of reggae and dub selections, Fighting Dread […] More

  • Storeroom is for Listeners: The Ta’ Xbiex Bar with Music in Mind

    Storeroom in Ta’Xbiex is one of Malta’s most unique venues and a hotspot for quality music on the island. Fully rigged and soundproofed Built from crowd-funding, a year of hard labor, and the burning desire to create a new space for live music, Storeroom has been hosting events since February. With room for everyone to […] More

  • afro beats malta

    Afro Beats Hot Backyard BBQ – Feed the Soul With Nook Malta

    Afro Beats in the backyard. Nook is back lighting the fire of the BBQ and feeding the stomachs and souls of the masses. Still at the office. It’s midweek and you’re stuck in the office. The group chats for the weekend plans start to distract you from the computer screen… Afro beats and Caribbean Fusion […] More

  • Brazilian Funk Master Santi Requelme to Play “SWEAT”

    Argentian, Brazilian funk DJ and producer Santi Requelme from the state of Cordoba is set to land in Malta to play our much-anticipated Summer event SWEAT New rhythms from the Brazilian funk world This guy is far from home and ready to bring you the beats of his homeland; or a variation of it. Growing […] More

  • sweat malta

    SWEAT with Us: the Hot Afro-Brazilian & Latino Music Event

    Here comes the heat! Underground Sound and Smooth Black Skin team up for SWEAT on June 29 in the height of summer. It’s the Afro-Brazilian & Latino music concept with the sole objective to get you to move. Afro Brazilian Culture Poolside, electronic Africa awaits – afro deep house, tribal beats, afro pop, whatever you call […] More

  • Chasing The Sun UK festival To Kick off Festival Season

    Chasing the Sun is the latest UK festival to hit the shores of Malta bringing with it the best in the UK underground garage, house, and drum & bass scene. Chasing The Sun the new kid on the block As summer months come closer, festival ticket reminders become more persistent. Malta’s usual suspects for festivals […] More

  • 48 hours of techno, rap, reggae and drum and bass

    Buy Now: 30 Days Until Crazy One Day Music Festival in Catania

    On the first of May, Catania sees 48 hours of techno, rap, reggae and drum and bass, all thanks to One Day Music Festival. When & Where? From 10AM May 1st until dawn of May 2nd, there will be non-stop music on the Playa di Catania, a beautiful Sicilian beach with view on the city and […] More

  • Ben Klock

    Sicily – One Day Music Festival Line-up Announcement

    Three huge electronic music acts Ben Klock, Maceo Plex, and Dixon are three huge electronic music acts that have been added to One Day Music Festival’s lineup The festival is taking place in Catania, Sicily on May 1, 2019, and will be a quick getaway for those living in Malta. One Day Music Festival turn […] More

  • One Day Music Festival Official Press Release

    One Day Music Festival is coming back to Sicily. Welcome to Catania’s 24h dance floor. Official media partner Underground Sound is pleased to announce our support of ODMF as the official media partner and ticket distributor for the Maltese Isles. Bringing techno/house/hip-hop/reggae/drum & bass. The festival returns for its eleventh consecutive year, to ignite the […] More

  • Sara Lugo – Charming Reggae Voice Set TO PLAY Marley FEST

    Sara Lugo the talented reggae artist will be playing Marley Fest 2019 at Surfside this Saturday in Malta along with other foreign and local acts. We caught her before flying out to Malta to find out what she’s all about. That voice We love your voice. Where do you get it from? Thank you so […] More

  • Marley Fest Returns to Surfside with a Killer Lineup

    Marley Fest The is a celebration of Robert Nesta AKA Bob Marley, born on February 6, 1945. It’s not just about the weed at Marley Fest Lest we forget that reggae music is not all about the weed, The ethos of the festival is based on inclusion and diversity, echoing the messages of Bob Marley’s […] More

  • Techno Malta – Entropy Brings the Darkness to kick off February

    Techno events in Malta are a paradise for all lovers of the genre one of the big players in the scene will be bringing us Pure evil at Liquid. That’s our impression of SHDW & Obscure Shape, the electronic music duo that will be landing back in Malta for a 5 hour set on February […] More

  • pudina tal-milied

    Gift Yourself Malta’s Favourite Post-Xmas Rave: Pudina Tal-Milied

    Pudina tal-Milied has been a long running electronic music night every Saturday after Christmas. Underground Sound asks the man behind the pudding Danjeli Schembri about Malta’s favorite post Christmas rave. What is a Pudina anyways? What is Pudina Tal-Milied? A hedonistic celebration between Christmas and New Year. Pudina tal-Milied (Christmas Pudding in Maltese) started more than […] More

  • black loops

    See Groovebox Close off in the Highest Standard with Black Loops

    GrooveBox are back for their last event of 2018 bringing Black Loops to Gianpula. Hats off and what a year it’s been. Groovebox launch The brand launched in August where they invited stellar DJs and selectors, Krywald & Farrer. It was evident from the start that the brand was what the people wanted. With a […] More

  • The Interpreterr Set to Play Zombie Apocalypse Ground Zero Stage

    The Interpreterr is set to give you the experience of life, sadness, and flow on Zombie Apocalypse’s Ground Zero stage. The Interpreterr let loose at the Zombie Apocalypse When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. But where will they rave? On November 3rd there will be new life given […] More

  • Tale boat party promo

    Tale Hip-Hop Yacht Embarks – Come See Them Take On the Seas

    It’s a hot August afternoon, burger juice is sizzling and two KRK monitors are pumping out the sound of old-school hip-hop. NOTA, Dutch representative and DJ from the Tale crew have hands-on-deck turning tracks while I’m turning hotdogs. Tale of the high seas As per summer tradition, the crew is taking back to the seas. […] More

  • earth-garden-2018-poster

    Earth Garden 2018 – 5 Events You Want to See This Year

    One of the biggest festival dates in the Maltese calendar is upon us – Earth Garden. Clear your calendar and spend the entire four days of Earth Garden at Ta’ Qali National Park to catch some of the best summer vibes on the island. Musical creation before your eyes at Earth Garden Where the music […] More

  • Malta’s Lost & Found Festival Weekend 2018 Begins

    The weekend brings us the first of a long line of big dance events of the summer – the Lost & Found Festival. Hosted by legendary UK DJ, Annie Mac, Let the madness unfold It will be the fourth time the event has rolled onto the island of Malta and packs a lineup that is […] More

  • Belgrade, Serbia

    Karaburma: Enter Dark Belgrade & the Steam Punk Dev9t Festival

    Deki drives past chained-up lots and industrial parks in Belgrade where cold machinery rests in the humid evening. We weave our way around the headlands, between the Danube River and the Belgrade city fortifications. The castle lights beam onto the misty road as the BMW accelerates onwards. “Now we are entering the ‘bad’ part of […] More