We all agree that live music is the best music.

Music festivals are where we feel most comfortable, most at home, most in our element. To be able to congregate, dance to your favorite tunes and inhale massive amounts of dust and smoke is the climax of music culture – it doesn’t get better than this.

We believe in the permeation of festival culture. That is why our mission is to inform our audience about the latest upcoming live music and music festivals.

Here’s to nights turned into mornings and strangers turned into friends!

Sometimes it’s all about finding the right festival for you.

We help guide you in the right direction towards the best upcoming festivals to add to your bucket list. If it’s in a field in the UK, a desert in Africa or the woodlands of rural New Zealand, we have you covered.

Here you will find the best upcoming festivals carefully handpicked through our research and network.

You will gain new insights to help you find your next musical adventure.

Discover everything related to upcoming festivals such as lineup releases, travel ideas, surviving and thriving on a shoestring budget. This includes monthly breakdowns of recommended festivals to attend, no matter the season.

We enjoy festivals of all shapes, sizes and geographical locations. If the vibe is right, the lineup is on point, and the organizers are building something new, we’re writing about it.

No matter how many wristbands you have accumulated over the years, there is always something to learn.

Drawing over 20 years of festival experience and from tips from our friends, we are certain that we can provide poignant information on your next week-long festival expedition.

We write detailed content on the way for you to enjoy the biggest music festivals to the max.

It’s time to book the ticket and take the ride to some of the best music festivals the world has to offer.

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