Festival Outfits Mini Buying Guide – Keep It Comfy & Practical

festival goers at Kappa Futur Festival in Italy

Choosing festival outfits is a big dilemma for some of us.

Once you dress up, usually you expect to keep the same combination for hours. That includes hours standing under the sun and running from one stage to the other following your favorites on the line-up.

Two basic principles: comfort & practicality

festival meme found friend
Dress to be prepared for anything

There is no rule for how to dress (nodding to the one in the banana suit), but a good guideline should consider two basic features.

To begin, festival outfits should be comfortable and practical. Second, they should reflect the vibes of the place you’re going to. Except you want to stand in the crowd – in this case, feel free to mix and match these to your hearts content.

Check these out.

Festival outfits: The practical one

Festival buddies dancing holding their beer
The Underground Sound squad prefer the practical look

This is not a vibe-related outfit, but rather a purposeful one. Festivals imply queuing, standing, running and jumping. These selections must respond accordingly to every kind of situation that includes lots and lots of movement.

A person that chooses the practical outfit is usually the member of the group that has resources for everyone: food, snacks, sunscreen, toilet paper and spare sunglasses in case you forgot yours.

This person’s outfit reflects their practical attitude. Starting from the bottom, comfortable shoes. Try these cost friendly ASICS men’s trainers if you want to combine comfort and esthetic, or the HOKA Speedgoat 5 if you prefer colors.

Moving up, one then needs a very practical combination of clothes. The most extreme could even wear those kinds of trousers that can be shortened in case of warmer temperatures. However, soft trousers still work. Another option is to wear a pant skirt – cute but comfortable.

Oversize items, like t-shirts and sweaters, could be a good solution too. They are comfortable and offer space to move your body (or just dance!) without constraints.

The fancy-no-matter-what

Girl posing in the desert at sunset
Some prefer the fancy look… especially at Burning Man. Image via Pexels

This is for the person that never denies fashion, and who accepts a little bit of discomfort for a big amount of style.

Festivals are places where everyone can show their own style and express themselves freely. This outfit often includes a dress, which emanates a vibe of freedom and summer, but could also be uncomfortable.

In any case, remember to wear the right shoes. Heels are not advised, but if you dare, these summer boots are fashionable and a good compromise.

Festival outfits hippie style – make music and love

festival attendees admiring the stage from afar
The hippie vibe is often a style you will find at psy-trance events. Pictured: Tribe of Frog at Boomtown Fair 2019.

Let’s not forget where this style originated from – back to the most iconic festival ever, Woodstock. The person who chooses this outfit equates festival vibes with love, harmony and good energy.

Instead of bell bottom jeans think shirts with symbols and large trousers (AKA harem pants). For the men think tie dye shirts and surf ponchos (often lovingly referred to as drug rugs)

A few suggestions: include a silk scarf to cover your head or a big summer hat.

The midnight to midday raver

A crowd of early morning ravers
A crowd of early morning ravers sporting sunglasses at Exit Festival 2019.

Sometimes you may go to a rave or techno party. In this case, you’ll be either the colorful glitter one or the person in all black. In either case, you’ll need to complete your look with sunglasses – especially the day after – and a good pair of comfortable boots.

If you opt for the glitter outfit, here is a cool glitter set to decorate your body. To complete the outfit, remember to bring a bucket hat with you. Yes, a ridiculous one will work, too.

Festival outfits: Country Texas

Two festival attendees sporting pink cowboy hats at Dragons Den stage at Boomtown 2019
Two festival attendees sporting pink cowboy hats at Dragons Den stage at Boomtown 2019

The “Country vibes” seems to be one of the most common outfits at festivals. A fringe jacket is a cool starter. Then add a western cowboy hat and the right shoes: country boots – and that’s it. It’s apparently one of the most recommended for summer festivals 2024.

Pro tip: hand out cowboy hats to all your crew so it’s easier to find each other in the crowd.

Rock your outfit for the next metal festival

Here we are with rock and metal festival outfits. If you’re going to meet your favorite band, there is a chance that you’ll wear their merch.

If you don’t have the t-shirt you can always rock up with a classic Metallica shirt For the ladies, you can always consider animal print leggings (available in black!).

Finally, don’t forget the leather and choker option. In case you’re looking for inspiration, have a look at this set of chokers.

Festival essentials for everyone – no matter the outfit

A wet festival ground
Hats and raingear at essentials

Whether you are going to a rave, or to a more mystic kind of festival, there are essential parts of the outfit that are universal. Check one of our previous articles if you need a festival survival kit.

First, hats. We mentioned them earlier, but please, don’t forget your hat. Number one essential. And number two, in case of rain, a good poncho. Don’t let heavy rain ruin your awaited festival concert.

Then, don’t forget a bag. Important notice: this should turn into a useful object, not something you end up cursing about. So, have a look at this very good and universally admired marsupio. Bring a bottle with you, maybe even a collapsible water bottle.

Now that you have the outfit, maybe you’d like to know how to sneak alcohol into a festival. Well, let’s just say we have a few suggestions.

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