Get Hot & Heavy on the Beach at DnB Allstars Portugal This May 

Dnb Allstars Portugal poster. Image courtesy of DnB Allstars

Are you attracted to delicious beats and dirty bass? Go down on DnB Allstars in Portugal this May 3rd-6th, to eat up the biggest names in the industry.

DnB Allstars Portugal is waiting for you

What could be better than sex on the beach? Absolute banger DnB on the beach, that’s what. No need to worry about protection (if you’ve already gotten your earbuds) and say goodbye to morning-after regret. Better yet, the only shocking surprise thrown at you nine months later will be the realization that you need to book your tickets for the next event. 

DnB Allstars Portugal is a full-on weekend packing a looooong line of the best DnB artists out there. Taking place the 3rd till the 6th of May at NoSoloÁgua in Portimão, Portugal — be prepared to jump into the sea between sets. It’ll be getting hot over there.

Prepare your roster

Official line-up for DnB Allstars Portugal 2024.
Official line-up for DnB Allstars Portugal 2024.

Much like the bedroom, you need to prepare for STI’s (sound that’s important). Let’s start with a quick crash course on who’s going to be taking over your weekend. We’ve got BOU headlining, who’s known for going deep with his bass — you’ll probably know him from his intense Baddadan track. Moving onto Wilkinson, this lad is absolutely taking over at the moment. His chart topping tracks have been our summer anthems for years now.

Obviously A Little Sound will be showing up, her gorgeous vocals leaving a sweet taste in our minds. We’re most looking forward to Carasel though, being a Portugal local he’s sure to get everyone on the right vibe. His style is drum and BASS, so you’d better start practicing your best stank face.

That’s all just the beginning. With over 60 artists playing over the weekend, you’ll be sure to have your pick.

Pack your weekend bag

Pack your bag and head to DnB Allstars Portugal 2024. Image courtesy of Zaira Gamidova via Pixabay
Pack your bag and head to DnB Allstars Portugal 2024. Image courtesy of Zaira Gamidova
via Pixabay

No need to take DnB Allstars out to dinner first, you can get straight into the thick of it. We’d advise not skipping out on Faro’s seafood beforehand, they’re known for it. Be warned, this isn’t just a one-night stand; prepare for three nights of good times with DnB Allstars Portugal by pacing yourself. 

Portugal is the perfect place for a solo-trip, so now’s your chance to experience good food, great people, and banger music. If you’re more into group stuff, get the groupchat and go for a romp together. You’ll all be getting sweaty together so be sure to bring your swim suits. The beach is waiting for you. Much like this article, DnB Allstars is 18+, so come prepared with ID.

Hot (Single?) DnB Allstars In Your Area

Ever travelled abroad for a booty-call? You’re about to with DnB Allstars. Aside from popping up all around the UK, they’re also gracing us with scenic appearances in the most beautiful areas of Europe. From Amsterdam to Zurich, Heidelberg to Brighton, you’re sure to get turned on by at least one of their hot festivals.

For our introverts out there, we see you. You’re the kind of person to take things in from beind the screen. DnB Allstars have you covered with their 360° channel, a series of recorded sets from their events. You can turn incognito mode on for these spicy videos.

Don’t be a tease

DnB Allstars Portugal is currently on their final release of tickets at £223.88. If you need some eye-melting, toe-curling, awooga-inducing DnB in your life. It’s time to invest —right now. Get in on the action here.

After, don’t let it become a situationship. Find a more meaningful connection via their socials and then get down ‘n’ dirty with them by getting your tickets here

Written by Alice Milne

Alice or Daisy as they like to be known, is a Journalist studying at Malta University. They are a film nerd when at home, and raver at heart.

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