THIS SATURDAY: Drumcode’s Timmo Comes to Malta in Association with Lokomotif

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This Saturday, Club Tigullio will play host to one of the biggest stars in the European techno scene, Timmo, courtesy of Drumcode in association with Lokomotif.

Drumcode Sweden

For those who aren’t aware of Drumcode, they are a Swedish record label founded by Adam Beyer, that this summer won the prize for the best label of the year 2017 and have on their books a whole host of the biggest techno DJ’s in the world right now.

One of the key DJs and Producers on the label is Timmo, who will be traveling to Malta from Sofia, Bulgaria, for this one-off event to give party-goers a different take on what they have come to expect from the Maltese techno scene.

Timmo, still at just 26, has been shutting down stages across the globe for the past few years under the Drumcode banner and has featured on the top of every production ranking in Europe lately.

This weekend

This weekend’s event is a very exclusive opportunity to see him at work and one that won’t come around again for quite some time, so you need to be there!

He will be headlining alongside numerous of other acts from Lokomotif, a group of DJ’s who are pioneering a new dawn in the Malta techno scene.

The main man behind Lokomotif is DJ Mog, who spent 9 years in Frankfurt, Germany, in the midst of the biggest techno scene in Europe at the time, so techno music is his bread and butter.

Lokomotif DJ Mog

Since moving to Malta back in 2016, he has worked hard to try and change the face of Maltese techno, one party at a time.  Playing regularly at Clique, some of the more hardcore ravers on the Island are probably aware of his sound already and will know much his parties go off!

Last year, he and Lokotmif also threw a smaller boat party for the members of what they call the “Techno Family”, the die-hard fans of this brand of techno. This smaller event saw well over 100 people attend and was received fantastically well.

However, this will be the first event he and the team at Lokomotif have launched a party of this magnitude and this time, it is bigger, better and even more unique!

Speaking exclusively to Underground sound, DJ Mog, who will be closing the party himself, explained,

“We had a look at the situation and we saw the Island is mainly concentrating on progressive music, which is played in 90% of the parties. The only alternative is Liquid, which concentrates on a very hard techno in the Berlin style, but there is nothing in the middle. So, we are concentrating on a specific style which is, Drumcode.”

“This event will showcase a very particular kind of techno, which is getting very big across the world, but not in Malta. We are looking to give another alternative, so that the people can try and find a different kind of techno. With us, people have the chance to explore a new kind of techno environment”.

Love as motivation

The motivation behind the event is simply, a love of clubbing and a passion for techno music. Mog isn’t out to make money and he just wants to bring a unique and exciting sound. As such, to check out this unique opportunity to see one of the fastest rising stars in Europe right now, it will set you back just €10.

Timmo and Mog will be joined on by stage by two other massive names in the Maltese techno scene. Resident DJ’s from Clique, DJ Lenny (Alleanza Recordings) and DJ Tonny, (Ellectrica Recordings), so make sure to check them out too.

The madness will kick off on Saturday Night at 11pm and goes well into Sunday morning at what could not be a more fitting venue, The Cave at Club Tigullio. This dark and intimate room at one of the oldest clubs in Malta is a perfect fit for this exciting event and has played host to dozens of similar events.

If you are true techno fan, you can’t afford to miss this one, so get down there and be ready for a night to remember!

Written by Will Macmaster

Will MacMaster is a journalist covering hip-hop events and festivals. He holds a Masters in Journalism from the University of Groningen.

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