Discover Scotland’s Biggest Electronic Music Festival in 2024 — Terminal V 

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Terminal V – Scotland’s biggest electronic music festival, makes its return for 2024 backed by an insane line-up of the hottest techno and house artists.

Plan your festival experience with our quick guide to what’s what at Terminal V. A festival packed into a weekend full of nan-punching drops, mind-bending light shows, and massive productions. 

Terminal V is Scotland’s biggest electronic festival

Terminal V is known for pulling the biggest names in techno and house to the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. This year is no exception. The festival spans over five immersive stages and will be hosting 80+ artists from the 13th and 14th of April. 

To hold the status of Scotland’s biggest electronic festival is no small feat. Especially considering that it started in a one room warehouse back in 2017. Since then, they have won the Best Festival from DJ Mag’s Best of British 2023 awards. 

Judging on the line-up, stages and after parties for 2024, we’re confident that the Terminal V experience will top all those that came before.

Plan your route around Terminal V

Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023
Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023

Squishing in five stages over a weekend may seem impossible, but it’s as easy as figuring out your vibe and rolling with it. Let’s look at the stages.


Looking for that hard hitting techno from the likes of 999999999Indira Paganotto, and Kobosil? Then make a beeline for the Hangar. This area is known for its mind-altering visuals, so if your thing is to be immersed in the complete techno experience then you can’t go wrong in this arena.

Area V

Head straight to Area V if you’re there for the big names. Area V is now a 360-degree stage and the largest after a recent refurbishment. It will be featuring artists as hot and heavy as Pawlowski, to as bouncy and fun as Mark Blair.

The Terminal

The Terminal is situated right next to Area V. So, bouncing between should be easy, especially if you’re an industrial fiend. You will find hardest and grittiest tracks ringing out from Dax J, RiotCode and Volvox in this industrially designed area.

The Lab

We’re called Underground Sound for a reason — and that’s why we’re sending you to The Lab. For you to discover the rising icons who are “up next”. Small compared to the main stages, but don’t underestimate it, just promise us not to gate-keep any tracks you Shazam and artists that you discover.

The Greenhouse

Getting a bit sweaty indoors? Take a break outside in The Greenhouse, a complete contrast to the indoor stages. Expect to vibe to internationally acclaimed house music acts such as Partiboi69, Interplanetary Criminal, and Lovefoxy, who will be spinning all the necessary house hits.

The Side-Quest Raver

Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023
Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023

We all have that one friend, or maybe you’re that friend, who’s the side-quest raver. Never staying still and with an attention span of a golden retriever. You show up to a rave and within seconds you’ve abandoned your squad to find something completely random to do. Luckily, there’s a plethora of side quests at Terminal V.

Let’s start with the Chill-Out Tent, otherwise known as the home to the travelling side-quest ravers. From there, you’ll find Red Bull and Absolut stands littered around the festival, along with a long list of different food stands to raise your health bar. Before you head off to the after party (undoubtedly leaving your friends behind), just make sure to fully absorb Terminal V’s light shows for that extra adventure XP.

Get a preview of their blindingly beautiful laser shows here.

Your true purpose at Terminal V 

Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023
Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023

With the arenas out of the way, you know exactly why you’re attending Terminal V — the DJs. We don’t blame you, the line-up is impressive. With an insane total of over 80+ international artists playing, where should you start? 

Beginning from a list of some of the biggest names, there is Sara Landry, French producer Nico Moreno and techno’s sweetheart Charlie Sparks. Adding to the fun is Ellen Allien a 55 year old Berlinite who has been rocking our raves since 1992. You’ll have the most fun watching her dance (usually spinning in circles) behind her deck, hammering out bangers like her iconic ‘Love Distortion’ remix.

Marlon Hoffstadt (aka DJ Daddy Trance) is also making his debut with his funky house mixes. Hosting his pure vibes (and big daddy energy) almost makes up for the fact that the Scottish created Haggis. Almost. The afterparty or B2B line-ups haven’t been announced as of right now, but we’re nervously biting our nails waiting to see who ends up taking over Edinburgh.

The catch

Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023
Terminal V official aftermovie screenshot from 2023

There’s one catch to all of this mayhem. Due to Scotland’s licensing rules, Terminal V runs from noon to 11pm. If you’re a night owl or early morning raver fear not, Terminal V has you covered. Shuttle buses will be running to Edinburgh’s city centre for afterparties both nights at Liquidroom Warehouse, co-hosted by Nightvision.

What are you waiting for?

Terminal V’s tickets are nearly all sold out, both the weekend (£157.44) and daily tickets (£84.32). Get your hands on the final tickets here, while you still can.

Missed out on tickets? Well then your in luck. Terminal V also has a summer edition in Croatia, and another Halloween edition, in Edinburgh waiting for you to explore. Just don’t be so slow next time.

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Written by Alice Milne

Alice or Daisy as they like to be known, is a Journalist studying at Malta University. They are a film nerd when at home, and raver at heart.

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