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We breakdown all you need to know about this weekend’s Offline WKND 2023, happening on 24-26 March.

As we head into the final week of 2023’s first edition of the popular Offline WKND event, we look into the history of the party and the DJs who are set to play this year. The location is the Paradise Bay Resort in Cirkewwa, where all who book a room will get to enjoy the full grounds of the hotel exclusively. However, if you only want to attend the events then the option of purchasing night tickets is also available.

History of Offline WKND

The first Offline WKND made its debut back in April of 2019 with “Offliners” arriving in droves at the Comino Hotel for a weekend that can only be describe as “you just had to be there”.

The success of the Comino summer edition spawned the Offline WKND Winter edition. This time it was Gozo’s turn.

The previous editions of Offline WKND were spread over two hotels on Malta’s sister island, Ta’ Cenc Hotel situated on Gozo’s highest point in Sannat, and the Cornucopia Hotel located in Xaghra. Just like the Comino edition of the event, it was just as memorable, and set the tone for more weekends to come.

In 2020 the festival was set for its return and play host to hundreds of eager Offliners at the Radisson BLU. However, the now surreal years of 2020-2022 kept the organizers BLANK and preparing for a 2023 comeback.

Who’s who at Offline WKND 2023

Here’s your carefully curated line up for Offline WKND 2023. So, dive in as we breakdown some great names in the local electronic scene, who will come together along with hundreds of revelers, ready to dance their way through the weekend.

1. Fumiya Tanaka

Fumiya Tanaka at Offline WKND
Fumiya Tanaka

Fumiya Tanaka is a Japanese producer/DJ born in Kyoto, Japan. Through his long career spanning over 25 years as a DJ, producer and record label owner, Fumiya Tanaka has been carving out his place on the electronic music scene.

His recent works and his selection of music has been refined through experimental house grooves, under the aliases as Karafuto. His signature DJ style unfolds over the dance floor in a simultaneous response between the sounds and those who listen.

Listening to Fumiya’s minimal and trippy sound feels like we are on a journey into his mind as he seamlessly takes us through his whole set.

2. Ben&Macelli

Ben & Macelli at Offline WKND
Ben & Macelli

Ben&Macelli are a duo who have been Djing together since 2016, where they quickly made a name for themselves and took up residency with District Malta.  In 2022 they both set out to make their imprint on the local industry through their own brands, namely Sugar Rush, Local Behavior and NICHE. They are both versatile DJs, but their sound is focused more on deep, minimal house music.

3. Brian James

Brian James at Offline WKND
Brian James

Brian James is a name known locally to be synonymous with the dark and deep sounds of electronic music. He entered the clubbing scene at the age of 16 and has been nourishing his career ever since.

He’s highly influenced by Jean Michele Jarre, Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk, Biosphere and Plastikman. Playing for the first time in 1989, Brian James witnessed and actively contributed to the birth and development of electronic music in Malta.

While some DJs have by now an established number of followers and continue to increase the numbers through a distorted mixture of popular and commercial music. DJs like Brian James, embark on a soul-searching adventure of innovative sounds, experimental textures and a curious mixture of old and new.

4. Just Emma

Just Emma at Offline WKND
Just Emma

Welcome to the sound of Just Emma, German electronic duo. The duo manages to make you drift from reality to a fictional journey into a different world. For more than four years Alex and Saskia have been part of the electronic music scene, spreading their driving, deep, melodic and playful sound focusing on one message, love.

Just Emma releases their dark and melodic interpretation of electronic music. For this reason, the duo prefers to play the early morning hours to attract the crowd with an ocean of diverse sounds.

5. Louie G

Louie G at Offline WKND
Louie G

Following his return from the UK, Louie G initially brought the sounds of disco to the local scene be it through his own parties or collaborations with others. Over time his sound has developed into a more mature and versatile one, ranging from disco, house, breaks, minimal and more. With a love for digging vinyl, you can expect him to prepare a bag full of surprises for any given occasion.

He’s been active playing in some of Malta’s biggest events that include Sugar Rush, Shake, Love Waves, Disco Diaries and, of course, the legendary BLANK events.

6. Luca Cordina

Luca Cordina at Offline WKND
Luca Cordona

Luca Cordina is best known as the resident DJ of the Prime Time weekly club nights and also his appearances at Sunny Side Up.

“I’m a lover of all sounds coming from the underground.”

However, he has a particular soft spot for house, minimal and garage flavors. He’s constantly on the hunt to unearth forgotten cuts to fill his record bag and unleash them on the dance floor. You can usually catch him spinning regularly at Big Ron’s Records Ta,Xbiex.

Expect the unexpected when taking in his set at the Between the Bracket’s stage at Offline WKND.



MATO is a versatile DJ who travels through sound. He’s a long time resident in the underground scene, in Malta, Berlin and the UK. He’s always bringing his take on house, techno and everything in between.

Under the promotions of Fat Funk and Just a Sesh, and Between the Brackets, MATO has previously brought over artists such as: Sweely, Leo Pol, and Ryan Elliott, to Malta. His performances jolt people out of their comfort zone, which really helps people define what they like to listen to. It’s always important for Mato to make people listen to something they haven’t heard before.

We’ve mentioned MATO in our 2019 edition of the Malta Underground Review.

8. Owen Jay

Owen Jay
Owen Jay

The style of Owen Jay varies from jazzy beats, deep house, and techno. He prides himself on being experimental and always steers away from mainstream sounds.

Owen has performed at several of the biggest nightlife venues including Moulin Rouge (yes, that Moulin Rouge), Panorama Bar, Tresor, IPSE, and Tape and Supper Club. He’s active in producing and releasing music on staple labels. These include Moods & Grooves from Detroit, as well as Profound Sound, Cement, Ornate, Deep Explorer, and many more.

Always one to keep busy and on top of his game. Owen Jay runs Batti Batti Record Label. He also collaborates to music projects under the aliases Gauss and Parallaks.

9. Bengy


Bengy is a DJ/Producer currently based in Malta. Bengy’s sound can be described as deep intricate house & techno with hints of minimalism. From an early age he showed an avid interest in rhythm, percussion and detailed patterns in sound.

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Written by Ian Hinksman

Ian Hinksman is the co-founder of Underground Sound, an out-of-the-box writer, content creator and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the music and events industries.

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