Ultimate DGTL Festival Guide: Locations, Dates & Everything You Need to Know

DGTL Festival
DGTL Festival Amsterdam. Photo courtesy of Jordy Brada

DGTL festival is setting the bar high early in the season – here’s a guide on how to fully indulge.

What is DGTL festival?

Festival attendee at DGTL Festival
DGTL Festival. Photo courtesy of Rahul Chari.

DGTL – pronounced digital – is a global event that can be attended in many countries around the world known for its debut home in Amsterdam.

From 29 – 31 March this festival will bring the leading names in art and music ranging from techno, disco, house, and everything in. Their goal is to allow people to discover, be inspired, and get innovation. It strives at reducing its carbon footprint by including a plant-based food court and being totally free of single-use plastics.

Where did it all begin?

Its reputation as the festival season opener started after its debut in spring 2013. More than ten years later, different versions of the event have taken place in Barcelona, Madrid, Mumbai, Santiago, and São Paulo.

However, it’s Amsterdam’s festival scene that allows newcomers and oldcomers alike to be submerged into the energy of the festival. DGTL also owns a record label that showcases up-and-coming electronic music artists.

Where does DGTL take place?

North Amsterdam. Photo by Raoul Croes.
North Amsterdam. Photo by Raoul Croes.

This year’s edition is set to welcome attendees at the NDSM Docklands in north Amsterdam, a venue known for its atmosphere and vibrant energy.

DGTL festival 2024 theme

Long exposure shot at DGTL Amsterdam
DGTL Mumbai by Rahul Chari

This year DGTL celebrates the theme ‘Synergy’, revolving around merging different worlds together. The goal is to remove all labels, creating a new environment to celebrate individuality. 

DGTL defines the theme as “an exchange of energy… different bodies,  same experiences, melting together as one.” A little like B2B performances merging styles from different artists.

When does DGTL Amsterdam take place?

Very happy attendee
DGTL Mumbai by Rahul Chari

DGTL Amsterdam will take place between Friday 29th March until Sunday the 31st. The festival kicks off with a set by Sofia Kourtesis, who will be bringing her Latin American roots with her to showcase her skills to blend different elements from different electronic genres.

The acts will continue on March 30th with a live set by Parallelle . The final day is March 31st and will feature a Boiler Room set from 14:00 starting with Ngoni Egan and Black Cadmium at 19:30.

Expect a return of DGTL favorites FJAAK and Kobosil, and many more.

The DGTL line-up and artists

DGTL Amsterdam 2024 Lineup so far
DGTL Amsterdam 2024 Lineup so far

Taking to the stage will be I Hate Models who went viral last year for remix on ‘‘Toro’’ by El Columpio Asesino, curating a sped-up version with a blend of techno touch. Known for switching through different types of tracks, he takes listeners to a whole new world. He creates a place for self-expression as his music have a way of provoking emotions hard to explain.

Along with him will be Marlon Hoffstadt making heads turn wherever he plays. People began talking about Hoffstadt after his collaboration with Dansson on the song, ‘Shake That’. In 2023, Marlon performed a massive show at the Glitch Festival Boiler Room. We heard that the festival stage was so packed that security began refusing entry. Talk about energy.

Other artists will include Freddy K and his insane sets known for experimenting and merging different sounds together through his alien type music. Ki/Ki who will be hitting the stage with her futuristic techno tracks.

Also joining in the mix will be progressive house music DJ Mees Salome and Bonobo, known to be versatile, especially in trip-hop.

Explore the festival’s Spotify playlist where you’ll find over 300 curated tracks. This year’s Amsterdam playlist captures the vibrant spirit of the European event – just listening to this makes us anxious for festival season.

DGTL festival sustainability initiatives

Happy raver
DGTL Festival aims to become the world’s most sustainable electronic music festival. Photo courtesy of Rahul Chari.

DGTL has taken into consideration five categories of sustainability: resources, energy, mobility, sanitation, and food. They aim to build DGTL festival into becoming the world’s most sustainable electronic music festival.

Here’s what Esmee Bouwmeister, the Sustainability Manager of DGTL has to say:

“At DGTL, I translate the concept of sustainability into tangible and measurable actions. I see it as our responsibility to include regenerative design principles in our projects, educate our visitors, artists, and suppliers about the benefits of these principles, and inspire everyone to reduce impact without compromising on experience.”

If you want to read more about festival sustainability, have a look at our report on Boom Festival.

Thought-provoking art installations

Patrick Mason at DGTL Amsterdam
Patrick Mason at DGTL Amsterdam. Photo courtesy Varspective Varun Kumar.

Art at DGTL is monumental, daring to be transparent with their creativity. This year, attendees can expect thought-provoking creations that push forward a message of sustainability through virtual reality zones and AI-curated soundscapes. It’s going to be a deep dive into the DGTL multiverse.

Foodwise, expect vegan options with the use of reusable tableware. DGTL has been preventing waste and CO2 emissions since 2022 and each year, they have seen a large decrease in festival waste. Besides their food court, DGTL have a 24-hour composting machine to locally grow crops afterwards.

Other cities hosting DGTL festival

DGTL’s global journey expands beyond the three-day Amsterdam festival, The beats and energy will resonate in Santiago at Espacio Riesco on 3-4 May, featuring BICEP and Vitalic.

In November you will find DGTL in São Paulo. Although details for the event remain tight lipped, the hype is real for those waiting for further information on the lineup, venue, and everything else.

Ticket Prices

Festival attendees
Countdown to DGTL. Photo courtesy of Rahul Chari.

DGTL Festival provides a timer counting down the days to each venue. With 51 days left till DGTL Amsterdam, the price list is divided into many phases with the late and final phases being the only ones left, prices are as follows:


• Late for €89.50 

• Final for €95.00


• Late for €79.50

• Final for €85.00


• Late Weekender tickets for €157.50

• Weekender Final tickets for €167.50

Click here for more information on tickets.

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Written by Juliana Zammit

Juliana is a Bachelor student studying Journalism, and photography. Allowing her to narrate stories through text and images.

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