Zombie Apocalypse Malta 2019 – Breaking a Record

ZAM – Zombie Apocalypse Malta was an outright success and for those that survived the second installment of our popular Halloween event congratulations!


On the 2nd of November, 2019, 1,680 of you –  all dressed as zombies – lived to see a unified Maltese underground music scene. 

The event successfully broke last year’s record (which we set) of the biggest gathering of zombies in one place in Malta, under the supervision of The Malta Records. It is the biggest zombie party in Malta, if not the Mediterranean. 

We are sorry for those disgusted by the frozen pig heads and limbs at the party. This was the ultimate decision of the venue to make it look the part – a truly apocalyptic zombie wasteland.

Art is subjective. Art can be beautiful, but it can also be shocking, anger-inspiring, and misunderstood. When you walk into Tigullio, you walk into an art exhibition. Who better to ask than the original curator of last year’s Zombie Apocalypse, Zephyr Bugelli?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

‘Taking the trash to make it into something nobody has thought of before is the overcoming of obstacles without the available resources.”

“Last year we reused pig bones to create the bone shield, a piece of art that can be found in religious sites around the world such as the Sedlic Ossuary in the Czech Republic.”

“The pigs were going to be wasted material and we breathed life back into it. Life is life but we are not the takers of it. We recreate it through imagination.

Tigullio is a testament to that – where a team of volunteers used recycled material to create something new.”

Zombie Apocalypse Malta
Zombie Apocalypse Malta

The closest thing to true rave culture

While the pigs get most of the limelight, people neglect the hard work that was put in by the DJs, artists, and promoters. In a single night, over six stages, we hosted a fat slice of the underground music community in Malta.

The Maltese event scene is often labeled as overcrowded, cutthroat, and highly competitive.

Yet last Saturday we experienced a beautiful moment of unity – just ask those who took part. 

“It was the closest thing to true rave culture I’ve seen in Malta. No phones on the dance floor, no animosity or fighting, just pure love for the music.”

There was techno, deep, tribal & desert house, psytrance, reggae, dub, blues, rock, hip-hop, afro, jungle, breakbeat, drum & bass, all under one roof. Not to mention aerial gymnastics, tarot reading, stand-up comedy, and makeup artists.

You know who you are and we salute you!

Amongst the horde of artists and undead visitors, some may have noticed Tigullio’s number one four-legged patron, Pablo the Dog

Despite the reactions from #piggate, we recommend this venue as pet and vegan-friendly.

Zombie Apocalypse Malta
Zombie Apocalypse Malta

Leading the Underground

Tigullio represents a community and one of the few locations creatives can meet and express themselves.

Aside from two Zombie Apocalypse events, Underground Sound supported Tigullio’s initiatives over the last two years through marketing, promotion, and simply being there. 

Unfortunately, the venue is seeing the last of its days. It is rumored to have been sold and put on the bench for destruction. 

This is a major loss for the art community in Malta, not to mention Malta’s cultural and musical heritage. They have been hosting events, shows, and festivals since the 1960s.

Since then it has offered many in the artistic community, including ourselves, a place to grow.

Zombie Apocalypse Malta Aftermovie

Zombie Apocalypse Malta (ZA3) 2020

Now we know the threat of the Apocalypse is real. The next time it may not be contained to Malta. 

The dead will rise!

With love,

Underground Sound

Photos courtesy of: Petter Asperholm Hedlund

Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has six years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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