Made famous by Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalism is the act of writing where you become a part of the story.

Find our gonzo stories as we walk on the wild side of underground music and subculture.

Forget objectivity – everyone’s worldview is biased.

Expect stories that are, in the words of H.S. Thompson, “too weird to live, too rare to die”. They are first person narratives that make you feel like you are a member of the band… but you’re not.

Examples of authors becoming the protagonist include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Hell’s Angels.

We choose to report in the Gonzo journalism style because of the authenticity that Gonzo offers.

Traditionally, journalism aims to be unbiased – rarely will a journalist mention themselves as a part of the reporting process.

Gonzo is the opposite, as the author is inherently a part of the story.

This type of story is very informal. It allows us to talk to our audience as if they were our friend tagging along for the adventure.

We’re able to tell our story as it is, whether we are writing about festivals, events or our entrepreneurial journey building underground sound.

Live your life vicariously through our writers!

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