Gonzo stories - become a part of the narrative

Made famous by Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalism is the act of writing where you become a part of the story.

Find our gonzo stories as we walk on the wild side of underground music and subculture. Forget objectivity, everyone’s worldview is biased.

Expect stories that are, in the words of H.S. Thompson, too weird to live, too rare to die”.

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  • CrossFit at Shieldwall

    Trying CrossFit for the First Time: Breaking Sweat at Shieldwall

    CrossFit hype – we experience CrossFit for the first time, all for the readers. The goal? To break a sweat and see what it’s all about. CrossFit challenge After hearing that CrossFit changed many people’s lives positively, I finally had a chance to try it out.  I’m no fitness freak, so when my boss pitched […] More

  • Discover Earth Frequency Festival 2020 – Adversity, Triumph & Hugs

    Earth Frequency Festival is a place where you can discover the electromagnetic field of Earth that surrounds and protects life at a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz. Also known as the Schumann resonance. Allow us to explain Electroencephalography, In the field of electroencephalography, the average alpha frequency of the human brain is also 7.83 […] More

  • Discover What Yumaanda Gathering & Aboriginal Techno Is All About

    Yumaanda Gathering: A new genre has been carved out of the land down under and they call it Aboriginal techno. Aboriginal history and culture, Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc, meaning ‘born to dance’ in Woiwurrung language is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organization with a unique and significant ethos. Educating people about Aboriginal history and culture, strengthening cultural bonds […] More

  • MoDem Festival – Psytrance, Family, Healing and High BPM

    MoDem festival translated as Momento Demento ‘moment of derangement’ – is a very fitting term if you make it to the last day. One Big Family at MoDem festival The festival started back in 2012. It is located just outside a beautiful little town called Slujn and is less than a two-hour drive southwest of […] More

  • Festival Hopping: A Journey from Boomtown to Glitch

    Festival hopping with itzel Rodriguez. Join her as she documents her experience jumping from festival to festival from the UK to Malta. Festival hopping, Boomtown A few months ago I received an early bid ticket notification for GLITCH, a small techno festival in one of my favorite places on earth, Malta. I went last year so […] More

  • The wonders of OZORA

    Ozora Festival: Click to Enter the Amazing Paradise of Psy-Trance

    Ozora Festival takes place near the city of Dádpuszta in Hungary and is considered to be the Holy Grail of psy-trance festivals. It’s where music, art and the spirit connect. We go along to experience OZORA 2019 to see what all the fuss is about. First impressions of Ozora I gather my things and wipe […] More

  • boomtown fair hippie highway

    Boomtown Fair 2019: Find Reflections From Insane UK Festival City

    Boomtown. Walking through the East gate on Friday night, I get the feeling of a pending festival apocalypse. Converging clouds, high blustery winds and spitting rain welcome me to my first UK festival. To counter the rain I see punters in full rain gear – wellies, waterproofs and tarps over their tents. It’s gonna get messy. First […] More

  • Exit Festival 2019

    Exit Festival 2019: This Is How They Do Techno in Serbia

    EXIT Festival is a major Serbian event that revolves around techno. Look further and dive into the Serbian underground and some of the best acts in the world. Pure hysteria The sound of people screaming. Bands of youth. Pure hysteria. Walking through the tunnel into the perimeter of Petrovaradin Fortress, tradition is to let out […] More

  • earth garden 2019

    Earth Garden Festival Review 2019: See & Hear the Love

    Camping antics, running stage-to-stage, catching sunsets and sunrises. Earth Garden is a four-day festival that brings together Malta’s musical communities in a very charming way. Making friends at Earth Garden Festival 30 May – 2 June are important dates in the calendar of the Maltese raver. Earth Garden festival spans from reggae to ska, techno to […] More

  • morning yoga

    Early Morning, Alcohol Free Party with Morning Booster

    Getting up at 5AM on a Friday morning ain’t easy ­— even if it’s for an alcohol-free party. Alcohol Free Morning Booster The day before I convinced a couple of my friends to join me for Morning Booster, an early morning yoga sesh and dance party. Apparently they will only be serving juice, with no booze […] More

  • capoeira nago madrid

    Watch & Learn: Intense Training Capoeira in Brazil for a Week

    I spent a week living, eating and training Capoeira in Brazil with skilled athletes in the heart of Goiania. Capoeira in Brazil Originally a covert fighting system, slaves used Capoeira to rebel against their masters. Today it is a truly Brazilian martial art and national sport. Over a week, I discover there is a lot more to Capoeira than fancy-looking […] More

  • in.di.go Revellers Defy Weather at First 2019 Techno Event

    in.di.go Malta’s first techno event of the year went off without a hitch. Well, maybe one. 50 Knot winds While most of Malta was dealing with 50-knot winds that battered the island, techno-lovers defied the weather and stomped it out at the surprisingly cozy clubhouse of Gianpula for a full day of forward-looking, dubbed-up techno […] More

  • carnival rio 2019

    Oi Brasil! Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the Marvelous City

    I am told there is no city like Rio. The Marvelous City of Carnival Cidade Maravilhosa. Rio de Janeiro is an iconic party city known internationally for its celebration of Carnival. Every year over 6 million people celebrate carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, with over 100 million condoms distributed free of charge. Damn. […] More

  • bubble clouds

    Freedom, Music and Dancing: Weekend at the Bubble Festival 2018

    The Saturday of Bubble starts like any Saturday should: on the beach. I arrive early in the afternoon and head down to Għajn Tuffieħa to enjoy the sea before heading into the relaxed, enthralling scenes above. Meet me at the tower The sun sets and I make my way up where I’m greeted by Ian. […] More

  • UFC 226 – Maltese Producer Depth Goes Full VIP in Las Vegas

    A UFC VIP experience seen through the eyes of our guest writer Depth. Darren Till When I first saw the desert of Nevada I was blown away. I’ve lived in Malta all my life so I could really appreciate the size of the place. It felt great to land because the whole trip was 18 […] More

  • Indigo Malta

    in.di.go Sunday Morning Underground Culture is… Solid

    in.di.go set the rhythm of dawn, electronic landscapes unfold. Sunday morning underground forward-thinking techno with Muski, Patient, Fullster, Neil Pantos & Gordon Flash. Techno music at 8 am on a Sunday morning – why not? Well, I can use one word to describe this little universe: solid. “Solid is defined as firm and stable in shape; […] More

  • Trippy Crowd

    A Weekend at RTS – Rock the South Summer 2018

    The UGS team went south last weekend to explore RTS – Rock the South an alternative rock and electronic music festival. Saturday at RTS – Rock The South Malta is a great place to bring your friends. The chance your trip coincides with a festival remains rather high. So when my Czech counterparts told me […] More

  • Secret Circus

    Gozo Carnival Weekender with DRE’

    Carnival Saturday night sees the party stumble up to the North of Gozo to the idyllic Villa Fiorita, The Secret Circus The Secret Circus hosted by the one and only DRE’. By this point, everyone was pretty worse for wear, but still ready to finish the carnival off in the right way, and what could […] More

  • Belgrade, Serbia

    Karaburma: Enter Dark Belgrade & the Steam Punk Dev9t Festival

    Deki drives past chained-up lots and industrial parks in Belgrade where cold machinery rests in the humid evening. We weave our way around the headlands, between the Danube River and the Belgrade city fortifications. The castle lights beam onto the misty road as the BMW accelerates onwards. “Now we are entering the ‘bad’ part of […] More

  • Vertical Dimensions psytrance festival

    Vertical Dimensions: The Maltese Psytrance Festival

    In one of the deepest pockets on the southern coast of Malta, the sleepy town of Zurrieq played host last weekend to a utopia for all psytrance fans, the second-ever Vertical Dimensions Festival. Vertical Dimensions Friday – Sunday Running from Friday morning to Sunday evening, this festival showcased some of the deepest and most intense […] More

  • urban-kaos-gozo-1

    Urban Kaos Promotions Takeover – Live DnB Set in Gozo

    Yesterday the sleepy town of Victoria in Gozo was taken over by one of Malta’s top drum & bass outfits. Urban Kaos Promotions took the liberty in inviting two Canadian MC’s from Toronto at the end of their mini-Euro tour. The result? A freestyle over some massive DnB tracks at the local Urban Warfare Crew […] More

  • The Bubble Festival 2017

    The Bubble 2017: A Festival of The Elements

    Originally designated the ‘The Festival of Light,’ here is a different take on Malta’s most original alternative get-together which takes place over a week from 18-25 September on the west coast of Malta. Rather than light, it was earth, wind, fire, and water that led me to a truly genuine gathering of hearts and minds. […] More

  • Guča town center

    Guča: Surviving the Glorious Serbian Trumpet Festival

    Riding the fine line between alcohol abuse and Eastern European tradition, my friend Sims and I travel to the heart of Serbia. At the international event of Guča, we struggle to survive the onslaught of booze, barbecue and brass. Guča Festival 2017 – Guča, Serbia Brass. I can already hear it. It permeates the summer […] More

  • Let It Roll: The Sonic Recreation of the End of the World

    Let It Roll Festival 2017 – Milovice, Czech Republic We are laughing hysterically. Barreling down the narrow Czech highway, our mom van gently flirts with the center guard rail as my friend fiddles with Google Maps, finding our way northbound and leaving Prague in the dust. Artsy is behind the wheel and Mike is in […] More