Ozora Festival: Click to Enter the Amazing Paradise of Psy-Trance

The wonders of OZORA

Ozora Festival takes place near the city of Dádpuszta in Hungary and is considered to be the Holy Grail of psy-trance festivals. It’s where music, art and the spirit connect.

We go along to experience OZORA 2019 to see what all the fuss is about.


First impressions of Ozora

I gather my things and wipe the sleep from my eyes after a long journey. Ushering through the main entrance, I greet friendly smiles and a sign that reads ‘Welcome to Paradise’. Warmth rushes over me as I think to myself: I am home.

I have been to many festivals all over the world yet I am astounded by the attention to detail surrounding me. Every nook and cranny is carefully thought through and artistically executed. All designed with nature in mind, the infrastructure is truly unbelievable! 

I walk through the entrance, collect my ticket and begin the adventure of a lifetime. 

First order is to find a nice camping spot, I have some tips from my Serbian friends so I head for the stage they call ‘The Dome’.

It is here I find the last bit of shade under a plum tree, I pitch my humble tent and wait for friends to join me. Little did I know I’ve managed to secure a spot that allows the sunrise and sunset to grace our eager faces. 

OZORA campsite

Ozora 20th Anniversary

Since 1999, Ozora has been the heartbeat of the Psychedelic festival community both locally and abroad. Providing a platform for our community to express themselves in a myriad of ways. 

The land is privately owned by Ozora therefore they are free to build permanent structures that make this festival extremely comfortable and easy to spend 7 days experiencing everything on offer for both young and old. 

There is so much to be discovered, from an active vegetable & fruit garden, metal workshop, art gallery, bars and a lake. Of course there’s immense stages that host the local and international talent to be discovered over the next week. I’m in awe, and already in love with this place. 

Around the Grounds

The main stage occupies a large area close to the man-made lake (a recent addition). 

The pathway between gives way to food vendors and clothing stores. Everything is aimed at enticing the senses, and it’s working! 

As you continue along the path a fire twirling area rises on the left, The Dome is to my right, Pumpui Stage is next on the right hand side as well. As the path leads up the hill we find the veggie garden, art house and active metal workshop. The focus here is certainly, repair, reuse and recycle. 

The Pumpui stage gets the festival off to a flying start with Pollux B2B with Ikoza & Zegotha. It’s driving techno gets me moving as I nourish my body and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

I don’t usually need a map or follow set lists. However there is so much going on and such a huge area to cover. Thus, I listen to my intuition and study the material as my friends get close to the entrance. 

Finishing my meal, I head for the chill area near the art centre and rest until they arrive. 
I greet them at the entrance with a huge smile and full of confidence. Especially having already secured a great camping spot and with knowledge of the levels to be unlocked. 


The best feeling is when all the tents are set and we embark on the maiden voyage as a small yet well-prepared crew. The sights, the sounds, laughter, smiles and self-expression are on display in an open and safe environment. 

It’s hard to pin down the best moments over a weeklong journey. However when it rained heavily on the Friday and most people stayed on the dance floor the vibes were nothing short of electric! Highlight sets were definitely Astral Projection & Raja Ram (25th anniversary). 

The Dome is a whole other world. As you step in the inside is beautifully decorated with UV active drawings of psychedelic swans and other alluring images that just take you away. Hours passed, I’m not exactly sure how many but we got lost in there and before we know it — it’s sunrise!

The wonders of OZORA
The wonders of OZORA

Save your legs

With such a massive site it’s easy to end up walking extra KMs. When you have a whole week of partying ahead, very saved step is another stomp on the dance floor, so pacing and planning is key. Remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. 

As the festival goes on, tents are popping up left right and centre. Either carefully chosen locations or just what was left over. Either way, as long as you have somewhere to call home anything will do. After all, we are here to connect with music and dance, not to stay inside our temporary homes, at least most are. 


Although Ozora is held in Hungary, the cultural mix was a diverse as I’ve ever seen. Made up of predominantly Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian and other neighboring countries. 

There were groups of people from almost every country and that’s what makes this festival so special. You can travel the world in just one day. 

Food at Ozora

The choices are many and quite diverse, however the majority of the food is prepared by locals at a cost of only €5-10. From Langos (traditional Hungarian) to lasagna, pasta, burgers and much, much more. 

The bars can host thousands of people and are almost always packed with people eating, drinking, connecting and escaping the rain when necessary. 

My favorite act of the festival was Tristan he was second last on the main stage playing full on psy-trance before Regan closed. 

Why? FULL of energy, the whole dance floor was jumping and cheering, the vibration was unparalleled… I was in heaven.

Next steps after OZORA

After a full seven days of music (nine if you come early) you would think that everyone would be ready for some R & R. This is not the case in the psychedelic scene, everyone is planning their next adventure.

For us it’s off to Modem Festival in Croatia for another 7 days of total controlled madness. More on that adventure next.

Written by Shayne Nash

Shayne Nash is a music journalist based out of Melbourne. He has been writing for Underground Sound since 2018 covering key festival calendar dates throughout the year.

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