Read Our Review of the Linecheck Warmup, Intriguing AI Music Panel in Milan

linecheck warmup in Milan

We hopped on a train to the Linecheck warmup, a music panel in Milan to learn about the next stage of AI in the music industry. Here’s how it went.

The event held on June 5th at BASE-Milano, hosted by Linecheck, “NICE AI – Is that possible?” was a real vibe in every sense possible. It explored the effects and outcomes of AI in the music industry, with experts in the field intervening to discuss it.

Between some rooftop drinks and a live visual performance of Team Rolfes and Myss Keta, this panel was undoubtedly one of the best venues in Milan. But it wasn’t the first time Linecheck hosted events like this. Let’s step back and look at its origins and background.

Linecheck putting in the work since 2015

Linecheck Warmup in sessio
Linecheck Warmup in session. Photo courtesy of Linecheck

Linecheck was born from the brilliant mind of Dino Lupelli, its director and founder putting in the work since 2015:

“I used to throw parties in clubs mostly, but during the 2015 Milan Expo, two guys trying to organize an electronic event inspired me to start Linecheck. Hence, the municipality allowed us to host a daytime event in some renovated public restrooms.”

From that little event on, Linecheck caught the attention and was sponsored by Music Innovation Hub, an organization promoting creativity and socially responsible music industry projects in Italy. This made them ultimately take off as the main music conference organizer, following its precursor, Medimex.

Jacopo Mele, CanovA & more talk AI

The panel saw the participation of professors on Ethics Peter Kirkschlaeger and Francesca La Gioia, businessman Jacopo Mele, director of SAE Institute Francesco De Giorgio, and famous Italian music producer CanovA.

Further discussion was had over the ethical criteria of the word “AI” and, more specifically, its possible benefits or drawbacks for the music industry. In this regard, Dino Lupelli was sure about the modus operandi Linecheck wanted to pursue and suggest to the world.

“We took the hot topic (AI, ed) to define the term: we no longer wanted it to be recognized as a mere buzzword, but we want to make it rightfully enter through normalization into the semantic sphere of the music industry, given the technological revolution we are experiencing.”

Dino also says that is achieved through rapid digitization, to decentralize the technological oligopoly that the big tech companies are implementing right now, centered on the music industry.  

The result? Linecheck aims to embrace AI totally while respecting individual rights, and potentially get something positive out of it.

What else can we expect from Linecheck?

Listening closely at Linecheck
Listening closely. Photo courtesy of Linecheck.

Starting from these premises, we can see Linecheck quickly and strongly taking over the future of the Italian music conferences sector.

Indeed, this panel was just an introductory event to the huge conference taking place in Milan this November. Following the new concept idea #sofarsogood, Dino said:

“Change will not stop. The ‘pushes’ we want to face are intended as forward ones, not as obstacles that make us fall. Ultimately, people must be at the center of these changes and improvements to live in a positive and better world (with an eye on the music industry for sure).”

We were super-impressed by the passion and the commitment all the guys at Linecheck had, and we cannot wait to cover their big conference in a few months.

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Written by Gabriele Luchetti

Gabriele Luchetti is a music journalist based out near Rome, Italy. He writes on various scenes including hip-hop, post-punk and different music trends of the day.

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