SOUNDBOKS GO vs. David Goggins: Tough, Loud & Ready to Go

SOUNDBOKS GO & David Goggins

SOUNDBOKS GO, one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market vs. David Goggins. It’s the matchup that nobody knew they wanted – until now.

But how can a portable speaker go toe-to-toe with an elite athlete? At first glance it’s a complete mismatch. However, what the SOUNDBOKS GO lacks in size and weight, it definitely makes up for in power.

Opponent Introductions

SOUNDBOKS GO in the red corner

Fighting out of Denmark and weighing in at 20lb is the SOUNDBOKS GO.

Danish audio company, SOUNDBOKS have been growing at a lighting fast rate with their tough, loud, and no-nonsense speakers. Their goal is simple to become the number one consumer speaker on the market – and they’re well on their way to achieving this.

David Goggins in the blue corner

Fighting out of the USA and weighing in at 200lb, is the former Navy SEAL David Goggins.

Goggins, as he goes by, is widely considered as one of the toughest men on the planet. He’s a former Navy SEAL, who’s completed over sixty ultra-marathons, and ultra-triathlons. He’s also set a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive pull-ups, completing 4,030 in 17 hours.

Round 1: Stay hard AKA durability and toughness


Stay hard is the Goggins catch phrase that he shouts at the end of each of his motivational videos, as a call to action.  The SOUNDBOKS GO – or any of the SOUNDBOKS speakers for that matter – have all been designed and built for abuse.

The speaker case is constructed of ABS and polycarbonate with silicone rubber bumpers for maximum protection. “Stay hard” just got a little louder. And it’s not all talk. Check this out to see the durability in action.

Broken legs and dry crackers

As for Goggins, he’s the epitome of durability and toughness, and there are many stories of his feats. However, it’s one particular story that stands out, and that is the fact that he literally ran a marathon on broken legs, fueled only by dry crackers.

As I sit here in comfort, tea in hand, watching boats pass over the Valletta Grand Harbor, I ask to myself if I should continue writing or should I go for a run on my healthy legs?  With all this tough talk it’s hard not to let my thoughts wonder. I digress, so let’s get back on track.

A common question often asked about the durability of the speakers: is SOUNDBOKS GO waterproof? Yes, well more like water resistant if you want to get technical. It has a rating of IP65 so you’re covered. Just don’t be an idiot and submerge it, (and take care around saltwater). Other than that, go crazy and dance in the rain.

Score Card:

  • David Goggins   9/10

Round 2: Stay loud, how many decibels is SOUNDBOKS GO?

SOUNDBOKS GO feel the decibels
SOUNDBOKS GO feel the decibels

The SOUNDBOOKS GO is one of the loudest Bluetooth, portable consumer speakers on the market. Just like Goggins, the speaker is partly famous for its decibel levels.

It can reach a beautifully loud and clear, 121dB, when using the Bass+ mode, and it boasts a total power output of 144 Watts. The speaker houses two drivers that pump out sound straight ahead, and it’s backed up by a meaty 10-inch woofer. In other words, it will fill just about any indoor or outdoor space, with a non-judgmental sound.

Goggins on the other hand, can often be seen, and heard screaming motivational words of wisdom while running, and as stated above ending each of his videos with his tagline, “stay hard!”  If you chose to kickback and listen to music instead of going out and smashing a 50-mile run, neither I nor SOUNDBOKS are judging you. Goggins, well, maybe he will.

Score Card:

  • David Goggins 6/10

Round 3: Endurance AKA battery life


It’s the third round and by now you’re either sold on SOUNDBOKS GO or David Goggins. But let’s see how this round pans out. The question at hand: how long does a SOUNDBOKS battery last?

The answer is forty hours, and a respectable ten hours at full volume with Bass+ activated. It’s worth noting that the battery is easily swappable. That means with a spare battery you get 80 hours of playtime which is super handy for camping trips and really long lasting afterhours.

Goggins stated in previous interviews that he is not a fan of listening to music when he’s training. That being said, he ran the MOAB 240 In a little over 62 hours. If Goggins did choose to listen to music though, we’re pretty sure he’d have a SOUNDBOKS GO by his side. Perhaps he’s already got one sitting at home.

Score Card:

  • David Goggins   8/10

Round 4: Ready to go AKA portability

SOUNDBOKS GO throw over the strap & go
SOUNDBOKS GO throw over the strap & go

On the drop of a dime, both the SOUNDBOKS GO and Goggins are ready to go, endure, and inspire, in their own ways. Both just get up and leave the house ready to go. With the SOUNDBOKS, make sure the carrying strap is attached to your speaker, and you’re ready to stay loud all day.

Score Card:

  • SOUNDBOKS GO 10/10
  • David Goggins   10/10


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Written by Ian Hinksman

Ian Hinksman is the co-founder of Underground Sound, an out-of-the-box writer, content creator and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the music and events industries.

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