Frenzy, the East London Rapper Bringing Up the Community

East London Rapper Frenzy Bringing up the Community

Frenzy is a rapper coming out of East London especially known for supporting his community. Known to work alternative hip-hop sounds, he has offered the people around him a chance for success.

Frenzy Photography courtesy: Pattern Publicity 

Why Frenzy?

Frenzy is proud to have the ability to crossbreed various BPM’s. In doing this, he combines elements of a multitude of genres to generate such a unique, alternative hip-hop sound. His new track Caesar is nothing short of this trademark, with dark production courtesy of Eyes, underlining Frenzy’s matter-of-fact lyricism.

East London background

He has gone through struggles throughout his life. This includes seeing close friends and family being locked up or killed. Frenzy doesn’t just outline these tragedies in his lyrics, but he also enforces positivity and hope back into his community of Hackney, East London. This, he takes very seriously.

Frenzy can be considered somewhat of a local celebrity for his charity work and for being a mentor for his music to young aspiring artists. In light of this he runs a workshop ‘Fast Forward’ providing free studio time, production and engineering.

Fast Forward Vol. 1’

One of the results of this is a compilation titled ‘Fast Forward Vol. 1’. It is six tracks from six different, handpicked and “young and hungry” artists. You can find the link to it on Soundcloud below.


Frenzy has laid some unbreakable foundations for his project dropping early this year.

This includes previous and loyal support from BBC 1Xtra DJs Jeremiah Asiamah and Robert Bruce. Not to forget as well as forthcoming features from London heavyweights such as Sam Wise and Knucks.

He has become one of the most respected artists from East. This is thanks to a strong work ethic, exceptional lyricism and a genuine consideration for the wellbeing of his community. With ‘Caesar’ as Frenzy’s first statement of the year, his authentic sound and positive mentality solidifies signs of a promising future.

“In the heat of the moment, we often find ourselves under pressure which brings out the best reactions”.

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