Introducing Malta’s Fresh Indie Wonderland: roża

Introducing Malta’s Fresh Indie Wonderland: roża

roża’ ( Maltese for pink) is here to bring sweet, sweet music to our ears. They’ve captured the crisp, fresh and young spirit of indie’s textured melodies through an amalgamation of musical perspectives delivered through single entity – and their music is set to trigger all the feels.  

This band doesn’t fit into one single box – staying true to the spirit of indie. Their sound is eclectic but catchy, so you’ll find yourself singing along to their music after a couple of listens. 

And they’ve just released a demo to re-introduce themselves. Check it out:

High Speed Chase deals with the longing of wanting to start afresh somewhere new, with new opportunities. Ultimately, it’s about new beginnings.” Roża told UGS. 

And I’m already singing along to it, the track’s been on repeat since its release on 3rd July. 

Keep reading to see what Roża had to tell UGS about their band, music and musical ambitions. 

Why did they call the band ‘ roża’ ( pink), you may ask? 

“Around a year after we got together, we were still looking for a band name that was versatile and dynamic enough to represent our style. We went out as a group one day and Ben ( frontman) was wearing a pink t-shirt, which prompted the idea in his head. We immediately fell in love with the name once he suggested it as it also represents our Maltese roots.”

And the rest is history. 

The band’s made up of quite a charming variety of characters, each bringing their own elements to the table- 

“Starting from the rhythm section, Glen is organised, prudent and inquisitive while Cheyenne is the backbone of the band, staying rational and responsible at all times. Our keyboardist, Matthew, is structured, a multi-tasker and assertive while our guitarist, Luke is the comical, relaxed and chaotic one. Finally, our front man, Ben, is the creative, practical and bold one.”

UGS: If you could describe roża as a person, how would you do so? 

“roża can never simply be one person, that would be way too chaotic! Our personalities are too different and contrasting – although we always manage to find some sort of middle ground. We all agree that roża is more of a 90s sitcom following the story of a dysfunctional family of eccentrics trying to navigate the complicated world of the music industry with episodes centered around recording, releasing, performing and promoting music.”

UGS: Can you mention some artists you draw your inspiration from? 

We all have our own inspirations which can be heard through our individual parts however as a band, our sound is definitely inspired by greats such as R.E.M. and Rex Orange County. Kevin Parker is also a big inspiration as we particularly love his DIY attitude and try to implement that into our sound as much as we can. 

UGS: What’s the most memorable gig you’ve done so far? 

“We’d say that the most memorable gig we’ve done so far was most definitely Malta’s Farsons Beerfestival. It’s one of the biggest Maltese events annually and neither of us ever thought we would be on that stage, especially a year after releasing our debut single and with only one other gig under our belt. It was insane to see so many people at our second gig and to see them singing along to ‘Bag of Lies’. We are eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity by industry professionals who believed in us.”

Roża first introduced themselves onto the local music scene back in 2018, when they released the ethereal single, ‘Bag of Lies’. It gained quite a lot of recognition as they stated above.

This track is a little more downbeat than High Speed Chase- 

“The instrumentation is more adventurous than ‘Bag of Lies’ and serves as a good bridge between our debut single and the music we’re creating at the moment.”

But I feel that it retains their distinct sound nonetheless. Give it a listen: 

Here’s what they had to say about this ‘feels inducer’- 

 “We all have our own individual interpretations of the song. However, we feel that the track represents the listener’s individual experience with their own past, be it relationships with themselves, friends, family, lovers or acquaintances. The song allows the individual to connect with a time which they would not return to, giving him/her the chance to experience a moment in which they needed a helping hand but found themselves alone.”

UGS: Where do you see roża in the next couple of years? 

“Hopefully, with a few more releases under our belt. It might be a bit quiet for now, given that two of our members have relocated, however we are re-orienting ourselves to the new normal, making use of working remotely and keeping a good dynamic and rhythm going. The pandemic was a good opportunity for us to learn how to cooperate remotely and we’ve managed to write a few good tunes in doing so. We’re excited to be able to show everyone what we’ve been working on soon, rest assured that a lot of great stuff from roża is on the way.” 

UGS: Anything else you would like to add for our readers?

We would like to thank all of our fans for their support and we encourage you all to stay tuned for upcoming releases!

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Images Courtesy of Rob Galfeo and Marin Babanov