Introducing ONE11

Introducing ONE11

Here at Underground Sound we pride ourselves on being fans of a multitude of music genres however at this moment we are giving a spotlight to hip-hop especially the acts here in Malta. In all fairness this little island of ours is producing some fantastic artists. It’s only fair to give credit where it is due. CJ Cordina aka ONE11 is one artist that deserves a mention.     

Underground Sound spoke briefly to CJ about his newly released track Pull Up. 

CJ tells us. ”The song reflects the way my homies and I create a certain vibe wherever we pull up whether that be pulling up to a club or just chilling at home it always turns into something crazy, most of all I keep my loyal homies around me, there’s to many snakes in the grass! So I keep my clique small and just do our thing”



We ask CJ what he would like to achieve out of making music and what artists inspire him.

”The dream would be to get rid of the 9 to 5 a dream shared by many and help my family and homies live a better life. I would say many artists inspire me both musically and the way in which they help many people to live a life free of money worries.Honestly that really is a hard question for me to pinpoint an answer to especially when it comes to particular artists.

You can catch ONE11 live on the 15th February at the Warehouse, Zurrieq.


Words By: Ian Hinksman 

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