JC.B Drops New Track and Music Video: Mustard

JC.B Drops New Track and Music Video: Mustard

Young local talent JC.B releases his latest hip hop track, Mustard – along with his first music video. 

As the rap and hip hop scene continues to diversify, JC.B keeps it classy with his new track. Eloquently performed, Mustard has a mellow and relaxed vibe to it, perfect for any chilled out occasion. 

‘’Mustard out of all the tracks in this EP epitomizes what I was going for, an easy-listening rap vibe that throws it back to the classic hip-hop sound, while still keeping it fresh,” says JC.B

Getting to know JC.B

Fresh on the Maltese rap and hip hop scene since 2019, JC.B has been working on various select pieces. 

‘’The whole reason I started posting music in the first place was to kind of tell my story.’’

‘’My first EP was focused on trying to send a message by speaking about my childhood and the lessons I learnt, so it was a very personal project.’’

Check out his Spotify to listen to the EP ‘Peanuts’ featuring his single Peppermint. Alongside are JC.B’s singles ‘Only1Left’, Mustard and soon to come ‘Long Live the King’. 

Mustard Visuals

With help from videographer and close friend Benjie Zammit, JCB keeps it real and down to earth in his music video. 

‘’Since it was my first time I wanted to work with someone I was comfortable with and Benjie Zammit was just starting with videography. I let Benjie do his thing, trusted his vision and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.’’

‘’I wanted the video to kind of capture that nostalgic underground hip hop feel by filming in relatable places around the island. No classic hip hop fancy hotel suites, girls, drinks and big Gucci shirts. Just me rapping to the camera, being myself and staying real to how I see myself.’’

Stay Tuned

For future releases and his upcoming track, ‘Long Live the King’, stay up to date with his official Instagram account. 

(Image one and two courtesy of Benjie Zammit)