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  • Aiden Sommers aka Alias 1

    Alias 1: Electronic Energy & Musical Sorcery Combined

    Alias 1 goes by two names. Aiden Sommers for his general compositions and productions. If you’re looking to explore his club projects and electronic live energy then you will find Alias 1. OTR’s Bed and Boogie Weekender, At around 11 pm on the first night of OTR’s Bed and Boogie Weekender. Ian and I made […] More

  • jazz relaxing

    Stress Relief Through Music: Why Is Jazz So Relaxing?

    The power of jazz lies in its ability to improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed.  That right kinda vibe The combination of improvisation, rhythmic patterns and distinctive tones are the reasons for the relaxing vibe jazz creates.  Personally, this genre puts me into a pensive mood. It’s something I occasionally enjoy – […] More

  • amen break

    Amen Break – Hear the Epic & Most Sampled Loop Ever in Music

    Six seconds is all you need to listen to the most sampled loop ever, the Amen Break. Amen Break, the four-bar drum solo The Winstons release of ‘Amen, Brother’ on their record ‘Colour Him Father’ and forever change the face of music. Then, the four-bar drum solo in ‘Amen, Brother’ is looped, sampled and rearranged […] More

  • joel veena indian slide guitar

    Discover Indian Slide Guitar With Joel Veena, Click to Listen

    Indian slide guitar expert Joel Veena speaks with us about his amazing instrument. Find out how he discovered it and what makes it so special. Indian slide guitar, the evolution “The Indian Slide Guitar represents a new evolution of the guitar. It’s an instrument that has deep and ancient roots,” Joel tells us. “And one […] More

  • music and well being

    How Does Music Improve Our Mental and Physical Well-Being?

    Improve your well-being by meditating with music. Find proof below on how music can heal your body and mind in so many ways. Health is wealth, music is currency What’s the first thing you do when you need some cheering up? Many turn to music to lift their spirits when they’re feeling a little blue. […] More

  • oud player

    Arabic Oud – Discover 6 Masters of the Instrument, Old & New

    The Arabic Oud. An amazing, fret-less, 11-stringed, pear-shaped instrument made from agar tree wood. Read and listen below. Arabic Oud for you ‘Age is but a number’ and the Arabic Oud is an instrument that doesn’t fall short of this philosophy. It dates back all the way to the 13th Century. Despite it’s history, it’s […] More

  • Trending

    Decline the Fall: One of Malta’s Leading Metalcore Bands

    Decline the Fall. 5 dudes who came together to form a band that isn’t quite your traditional Metalcore per se. The Underground Sound team had previously heard these guys play at Malice in Wonderland a couple of months back, it was only natural that they were added to the list of bands to chill with. Read the full interview right here. More

  • Abbas

    Abbas Kubaff: The Pioneer of Kenyan Hip Hop

    Although you may not have heard of Abbas Kubaff, aka Doobies, he is in fact, probably the biggest and most successful rapper on the island of Malta right now. Abbas Kubaff, launched rap in Kenya Ask the Kenya-born rapper how long he has been rapping and he will tell you simply, “Forever, As of old as […] More