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  • patrick drum path

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    The drum path – Your Online Tutorials To Learning Drums

    For anyone learning the drums or sharpening their skills, we present to you: The drum path. No in-person teacher is required, for Patrick Abdo, founder, master drummer and presenter of this YouTube channel, will provide all you need virtually. With 18 years of experience under his belt and an insatiable enthusiasm for what he does, […] More

  • dr meaker featured


    Elements of a Killer, Live DnB Performance

    What makes a great live DnB (drum and bass) performance? While there is no perfect mold to make that dirty sound we love, it pays off to ask the professionals. So we reach out to Clive Meaker of the infamous live DnB outfit Dr Meaker from Bristol in the UK to fill us in. Dr […] More

  • psy-trance rave


    Psy-Trance Wizard Delves Into Rituals & Advice on Music Production

    What makes psy-trance so special? How do producers bring such complex sounds to the dancefloor? Click to find guidance from a psy-trance wizard. With guidance from veteran psy-trance producer Interconnekted, we delve into the essence of the psy-trance ritual. Interconnekted AKA Gilly, also offers music production tips for budding producers out there. Defining the psy-trance […] More

  • music production

    Music Production for TV & Film: Valuable Industry Advice From 3 Experts

    Recording a soundtrack for TV and film is an effective way to see a return on music production. Imagine your music makes it on a hit Netflix series. Imagine it’s played millions of times over, getting the attention of famous filmmakers. But how do you get to that point? Demand for music production While there […] More

  • Six Key Team Members Musicians Need on Their Team

    Musicians have a full-time job, which is futile without the help of a team. The journey will see sleepless nights, anxiety, questioning your self-worth, The six key people all musicians need The life of a musician takes tremendous patience. As many start to develop, and gain new fans. It’s essential to have the right team […] More

  • lucid dream

    Dream On: A Beginner’s Hack To Using Music To Lucid Dream

    The lucid dream realm is a mysterious and fascinating place. A whole universe awaits – but how to access it? Find out below. The lucid dream The dream realm is a mysterious and fascinating place. There’s a whole universe within our psyche that needs exploring and lucid dreaming might be the compass needed to point us […] More

  • RZA of Wu-Tang

    Wu-Tang’s RZA Leads Meditation on New “Guided Explorations”

    RZA from Wu-Tang Clan has just released “Guided Explorations”. It consists of five episodes of meditations for the creative mind. Wu-Tang on Shaolin and meditation While this release may surprise some, the Wu-Tang de facto leader has dedicated years to his Shaolin practice and meditation. His career has taken many forms which has given him the […] More

  • skwid

    Skwid: Interview With An Aussie Psy-Trance Phenomenon

    Skwid. When you hear that word what comes to mind? A solid kick, hypnotic melodies, lots of dust and plenty of lasers? Well it should! Skwid of the underground Deep in the underground of Aussie psy-trance, a homegrown heavyweight is emerging. Since 2010 Tom has been moving crowds throughout Australia. We caught up with him […] More

  • Year in review

    Year in Review: A Guide to the Maltese Underground 2019

    Year in review 2019, and before we leave a trail of memories behind us we have put together some of the best moments from the Maltese underground music scene for you – the ravers. Kicking off the year in review Another year checked off, another summer full of “this is the best party of my […] More

  • isaac b

    Isaac B: Find Tips From Awesome London Rapper & Entrepreneur

    Isaac B is a London-based hip-hop artist and entrepreneur raised in Florida. Now he’s making a name for himself with his collective AndWhatLDN. Isaac B’s latest track His new track SNE HNE has just been released making this the perfect time to support and release our long overdue interview with him. Check out The King […] More

  • Duncan F: DJ, Promoter, and Extraterrestrial Being

    Duncan F is the brainchild behind The Bubble Festival along with his crew of fun-loving beings he’s managed to pull off one of Malta’s biggest festivals. Duncan F where it all started From the tender age of 12, Duncan F started performing in the best venues Malta has to offer as the DJ of the […] More

  • Festival Hopping: A Journey from Boomtown to Glitch

    Festival hopping with itzel Rodriguez. Join her as she documents her experience jumping from festival to festival from the UK to Malta. Festival hopping, Boomtown A few months ago I received an early bid ticket notification for GLITCH, a small techno festival in one of my favorite places on earth, Malta. I went last year so […] More

  • Payment in Exposure: How to Pay Your Rent in Expo$ure

    “Payment in exposure?”. These words will grind the gears of any hard-working freelancer who is trying to make a buck in today’s competitive artistic industry Why would you accept such a payment? after all you’re an artist with overheads just like any other business. In fact, this happens so much that a Twitter account has […] More

  • Malta Underground 2018 – Year in Review

    Underground Sound year in review. Check out the best of what went down in 2018. Events are getting consistently better. People find a lot to complain about Malta – such as overly talkative Taxify drivers and the general lack of places to continue your night after 4 AM. But there is one undeniable fact: music events […] More

  • Rob Acid & Juliane Wolf Move to Malta – Both to Play Liquid

    Rob Acid greets us as we walk up a short flight of stairs and past white drapes, we enter a room centered around stacks of electronic music production and mastering equipment. Introducing Rob Acid There is an unbelievable amount of dials, wires, keyboards, mixers, compressors, and beat machines. The room is so full of gear […] More

  • Groovebox – Talking With Resident Djs Steve & Robin

    Groovebox: a self-contained instrument for the production of live, loop-based electronic music with a high degree of user control facilitating improvisation. The Groovebox brand GrooveBox is also the name of the new brand launched by Steve Muscat and Robin Cutajar just last month. With their first event coming up next Saturday, Featuring the U.K. house […] More

  • siconix

    Meet Siconix, Maltese Master Producer Of Trap Music

    We visit Siconix in his trap music lair to find out more about his style, his current projects and what’s next for this Maltese DJ. House of Siconix Walking into a discreet garage on a street corner of Paola, you would expect to see loads of car parts and dirty mechanics tools. Not in Siconix’s […] More

  • malta underground 2017

    Malta Underground 2017 – A Year in Review

    It’s been a riot. Techno boat parties, breakfast raves and libertine festivals are just a few examples of how Malta celebrated underground music this year. Be it long weekends, Sunday afternoons or mid-week nights out, we were out and about dancing and raving from January to December. All spectrums of the music scene in Malta […] More

  • av the great

    AV The Great: Live From The Struggle to Independent Success

    Texas Rapper, Av The Great, has been on the grind in more ways than you can imagine. As a youth he had dreams of being a basketball player, but his plans were dashed due to injury, which left him with no choice but to make his money on the streets. One day he decided to […] More