Meme Dump: The Best Memes of 2020

Meme Dump: The Best Memes of 2020

The Memes They Never Stop

No matter what background you’re from, where you call home and what you do for a living, the internet’s love of memes helps us express ourselves. They’re relatable, hilarious, and a form of communication that helps to express how we all feel at any given time.

Have you ever seen a meme that depicts something you thought only you did at home alone? Well, memes show us that we are all connected in the smallest of ways.

Global lockdowns have seen an increase in social media usage throughout 2020 and with a decreasing shelf life of how long jokes stay funny, we can only expect weirder and more wonderful memeing from memelogists to happen in 2021 at a breakneck cycle as we deal with being thrust into online life.

The Meme Cycle Is Always Bound To Change. 

As new events happen, luckily for us there’s no shortage of shitposters and there’s always that one guy on 4chan/Reddit that will always take the opportunity to meme whatever is going on.

Now with that said, let’s dive in to our 2020 meme dump with our pick of the best of 2020.


Aside from COVID, the butt of all jokes this year has been the US President Donald Trump and as he continues to throw his toys out of the pram in 2021 we can only expect more golden memes. It’s only fitting we start off laughing at him.

Thank you for the memes Mr President

2019 vs 2020

Next up and to the frustration of all struggling artists and performers is the global pandemic’s impact on live music and events.

2019 vs 2020


The PS5 was finally released this year and you probably didn’t get one, sorry about that.



Half of the world has been imprisoned this year and with countries like the UK under strict lockdown, restrictions over the Christmas period memes are there again to remind us that we are all in the same boat.


Millennial Humor

Any true memelogist can see the shift in meme humor over the years with millennial and now Gen Z making completely meaningless memes to satisfy our meaningless life’s.



No matter what’s going on in the world one thing for sure is that many of us have been friendzoned during 2020. Again, sorry about that.

Joe Biden

The new President of the US out here sniffing people like a fresh bag of weed.



2020 has been one plot twist after another, so it should come as no surprise that the cows are out to get us.



Poverty and mistrust go hand in hand with the current climate.

That’s no excuse however, to take from others that are in the same situation. So let them know you’re not a threat with a gentle kiss.



No Homo bro but if I’m to be locked inside my house I want to be comfortable.

No Homo


A lot of attention has been on the UK this year with focus on its handling of the Coronavirus and Brexit, so lets end off our meme dump with the Brits.