Here you will find quality underground music, regardless of genre and origin.

For those here to listen, there are new alternative music releases, DJ sets and live performances to discover. You might find either the famous or the unknown, but certainly you will find the talented.

For those not looking for the newest underground music, but rather for alternative music information, there is plenty of that too.

We reach out and talk to high caliber artists to discuss music trends, predictions and other valuable music industry information.

The goal is to share insight on those that are successful in our community.

All in all we write plenty of content on underground music that is worthwhile reading. This can be through longform articles, in depth interviews and handy lists.

We offer perspectives not only from our eyes but from the eyes of artists, performers and game changers that are in the thick of it.

Find new alternative music to rave to, underground music to drive to or maybe something more toned down.

We categorize broadly the genres of underground music thanks to our personal taste, friends and partners.

The main alternative music categories on our website are as follows: hip-hop, techno, dnb, reggae, psy-trance and genre fluid.

While there is often a pushback against categorizing music, especially from music creators, our job is to guide you towards what you like best.

You may have noticed our genre-fluid section. This serves as a section for that type of alternative music that is so unique that they go beyond categorization. We also place music here that falls outside of the top line genres that we don’t have enough content for (yet).

Just remember, whatever the question is, music is the answer.


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