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  • Dj marky

    Our 6 Favorite Things About DJ Marky, Humble King of Brazilian DnB

    Dynamic mixing, drum ‘n’ bass euphoria and an unbeatable attitude. These are just a few reasons why we consider DJ Marky to be one of our favorite DJs. Although he is known for playing DnB and jungle, he is skilled in many other genres and can play just about anything.  Find below our favorite things […] More

  • DnB MCs To Watch Out for in 2022

    DnB MCs are actively evolving the playing field of drum and bass lyricism. Below is our compiled and essential list of some of the best DnB MCs to watch out for going into 2022. DnB MCs taking over the scene Whether you like DnB MCs or not, there is no doubt that they are sweeping […] More

  • Prof on an apparent Micky D's run


    Ridiculous One Liners from Prof Rapper from the Cold North

    For those who don’t know Prof, he is the party boy of the Midwest, his rhymes as wild as his antics. This rapper from the cold North of Minneapolis, Minnesota is blowing up beyond the state and we’ve been witnessing his rise. Find below our favorite lines from this hip-hip rapper and soul singer over […] More

  • C-Lance

    C Lance: Producing Boom & Hardcore Rap Beats for Hip Hop’s Elite

    C-Lance is a beat producer within underground hip-hop who has been creating boom–bap and hardcore rap beats for over a decade for some of the biggest names in the scene. Boom–bap & hardcore beats Boom-bap is a subgenre of hip-hop that came about in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Originating in New York the […] More

  • Arabic rap Al Mudeer Shbash

    Arabic Rap You Need To Hear – “Al Mudeer” By Shbash From Jordan

    Arabic speaker or not, “Al Mudeer” is a bomb track for any ear. Produced and performed by self-made Arabic rap artist Shbash, he is a talented, down to Earth, Jordanian rapper. Listen to his under the radar track below. The Mauritanian connection My Mauritanian friend Zain has a great taste in hip-hop. It’s through him […] More

  • cristian lazzara

    Why You Should Listen to Rap Music in a Different Language

    Find out why people listen to rap in a language they don’t understand and why it’s good for them. Music connecting humans Music is one of the human connections that doesn’t require understanding for it be appreciated. The same goes for rap – music is universal and if a track has a good beat, you can […] More

  • Burning Up The Fire (Remix) New Release ft. Beat Killing Mr Traumatik

    Burning Up The Fire (Remix) should be your introduction to a ganja smoking summer weekend.  Or in our case, a late night double-down work sesh. It’s a new release out from a variety of artists including Cross Breed, Frenquest, Local, Mr Traumatik, MTD, & Skamma. Envisioning a new release Strolling back from an afternoon dip […] More

  • nights in reverse freedom

    Nights in Reverse “Freedom” and Its Dirty Breakbeat – New Release

    Nights in Reverse release “Freedom” and its making us reach for the sky. One of those days It’s Friday and we’re all feeling good. Cruising through Malta on one of these days is glorious. Especially from the fact Nights in Reverse are coursing through our speakers again. Freedom is the feeling. Back up the stairs […] More

  • South Yard reggae & jungle

    South Yard: Dirty Sounds & Compilation Albums of Spanish Jungle

    We’ve heard plenty of drum and bass from the UK, Czech Republic and elsewhere, but until late we discovered a new source of Southern inspiration called South Yard. Meet this junglist record label based in Spain releasing relentless, bass-laden filth. Find out how they disseminate ragga jungle culture and promote the sound of talented artists […] More

  • Kray Z Legz – The Rapper with Spina Bifida & Superstar Collaborations

    Kray Z Legz is a 31-year-old rapper, producer, and disability advocate from Glastonbury, UK. He hasn’t limited himself and his musical aspirations even though he’s spent his life in a wheelchair and the proof is in the pudding, with collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Whizz Khalifa and many others. Kray Z Legz connects with Snoop […] More

  • gentleman's dub club

    Listen to New Release From Gentleman’s Dub Club, Castle in the Sky

    Gentleman’s Dub Club is back with a fresh reggae tune called “Castle in the Sky”. For those that know Underground Sound, we are big fans of the live dub & reggae group originating from Leeds, Yorkshire. Love reggae & dub? Read on. Gentleman’s Dub Club in Malta/Boomtown We covered their last appearance at Earth Garden […] More

  • Dr Meaker


    Dr Meaker – Bristol’s Massive, Live Drum & Bass Act You Need to Hear

    Meet Dr Meaker – a massive drum & bass sound system made up of electronic and acoustic musicians and instruments straight from the heart of the DnB capital of Bristol. Dr Meaker an awe-inspiring display Inspired by The Prodigy and 90’s DnB producers they produce live music before your ears in an awe-inspiring display of live and recorded […] More

  • Beatboxing monk

    Beatboxing Buddhist Monk And His Thought-provoking Beats

    Beatboxing is being taken to a whole new mystical level by Yogetsu Akasaka.  Spritual and musical paths From busking in different countries to taking the spiritual path of becoming a monk. This Japanese Zen Buddhist monk never let go of his love for music.  His voice and a loop mixer are all he needs to […] More

  • Le Bruh: Melbourne’s Eye-opening Underground Vibe Lord

    Le Bruh has been filling dance floors throughout the Melbourne club scene and festivals on a local and international scale. Catching up with Melbourn’s Vibe Lord Le Bruh Anyone witnessing his sets says that the vibe he brings is electric. This is one of the many reasons why he is at the top of his […] More

  • Roza: Find Out About The Fresh Indie Band Perking Up Our Ears

    ‘Roża’ ( Maltese for pink) is here to bring sweet, sweet music to our ears. Roza captures crisp and fresh young spirit They’ve captured the crisp, fresh and young spirit of indie’s textured melodies through an amalgamation of musical perspectives delivered through a single entity – and their music is set to trigger all the […] More

  • romare

    Romare Soulful Summer Electronic New Release “The River”

    Romare releases ‘The River’: just what we need to fuel that summer energy. Listen to leave lockdown behind and get your booty back on the dance floor. Romare’s “The River” This electronic track is energetic, upbeat and an overall soul satisfier! It has some wonderful percussive elements that play into Romare’s disco inspired ambience. Wrap […] More


    MOONTIDE: Listen to Bright Producer Make Waves in Aussie Downtempo

    MOONTIDE aka Louis Tobin started by making ripples in the downtempo genre of the Aussie festival scene. Over the last few years those ripples have developed into a musical tsunami, giving way to his latest EP.  MOONTIDE and his new album “Our Youth” We sat down with Moontide to see where his amazing creativity has […] More

  • Rum Buffalo – Villainous Prog Swing Release Latest Single

    I discovered Rum Buffalo back in 2016 when they were playing at Malta’s Earth Garden Festival. Rum Buffalo a new persona These guys dominated the stage, spreading their infectious energy which had our heads bobbing and hips shaking instantaneously. Their sound has developed dramatically since then, but it still retains that signature ‘Rum Buffalo’ quality.  […] More

  • Fractions

    Fractions Set to Release Fresh Ep NITE NRG on Monnom Black

    Strap yourselves in – Prague-based duo Fractions is about to send you skyrocketing into an apocalyptic psyche. Prepare yourself for hard-hitting, mind-altering beats and ‘an ever-present 4-to-the-floor kick. Fractions collide Their aggressive melodies collide with the signature sounds of the 90’s rave. Giving way to subliminal growls of industrial distortions that put them on the […] More

  • Felsmann + Tiley

    Felsmann + Tiley A Unique Synthesizer Duo With No Percussion Allowed

    Felsmann + Tiley release a rework of M83’s melancholic Solitude. A track befitting for those feeling a little isolated in such trying times. An exploration of your inner self The duo amplified the isolating intensity of this tune using hard-hitting synthetic melodies that plummet your psyche through a tunnel of feels. “We are super honored […] More

  • Brikkuni From Punk Rock to New Wave A New Underground Starts To emerge

    Brikkuni, a Maltese alternative band that shares its perspective on all things related to life, death, love, and politics. Music from Brikkuni that pays tribute to Malta’s identity Malta harbors a multitude of artistic thinkers and expressive beings and local underground band Brikkuni is proof with their music that’s honest, relatable, and pays tribute to […] More

  • Multicultural Duo Organic Echoes

    Multicultural & Downtempo Duo Organic Echoes Release First Vivid Mix

    Multicultural Duo Organic Echoes, release a recorded two-hour mix this week. What is the motivation for multicultural duo Organic Echoes Tucked away in a secret garden, they diffused their first filmed set, sharing more of their project with the world. The selections are top-notch – playing the freshest releases, together they explore the far limits of […] More

  • gardna

    Gardna, the Bristol Rapper With Big Hip-Hop, Reggae & DnB Tunes

    Gardna offers a fusion of reggae, DnB and hip-hop. The listener gets a unique listen into the Bristol bass scene and sound system culture. Gardna rising He has been on a upwards course to success since his summer anthem release “Sunday” back in 2016, along with his breakthrough track Rudeboy in 2018. It certainly looks […] More

  • isaac b love yourz

    “Love Yourz” New Song by UK Rapper Isaac B, Listen To Poetic Return

    Celebrating his 7th year in the UK capital, the Trans-Atlantic MC, Isaac B, drops his new single, “Love Yourz”. “Love Yourz” by Isaac B It’s a thoughtful number, reflecting on life’s struggles and growth in self-love and perseverance. Unpretentious and poetic in its delivery, the first single presents lyrically charged hooks and melodic instrumentation throughout his […] More

  • Acidulant releases “Iteration of a Dark Future”: Listen to New Acid

    Acidulant has released his latest acid-laden album “Iteration of a Dark Future”. Listen to his new work and read our thoughts about it below. Acidulant “Iteration of a Dark Future” We have a privileged listen to his latest acid techno release. First of all, we are quite happy about it. The Maltese producer is well […] More

  • caly jandro

    Caly Jandro: Introducing His Amazing Organic & Dowtempo Sound

    The rhythmic downtempo sounds of Caly Jandro echo through the streets of Melbourne and into the Victorian bushland. Caly Jandro the urban shaman He combines mesmerising drumbeats with earthy and ethnic elements. Caly takes you on a journey of self-discovery and pure connection. No wonder his friends call him the urban shaman. He generously gave […] More

  • skwid

    Skwid: Interview With An Aussie Psy-Trance Phenomenon

    Skwid. When you hear that word what comes to mind? A solid kick, hypnotic melodies, lots of dust and plenty of lasers? Well it should! Skwid of the underground Deep in the underground of Aussie psy-trance, a homegrown heavyweight is emerging. Since 2010 Tom has been moving crowds throughout Australia. We caught up with him […] More

  • psilosin

    Psilosin, Surprise Transformation of This Psy-Trance Producer & DJ

    Psilosin is an Australian psy-trance producer and DJ based out of Melbourne. Discover his transformation from deep house to the world of psy. Psilosin – keep an eye on him. Meet Nic Bishop aka Psilosin. Staying true to his transformational name, he has evolved into a producer to watch in the Australian underground psychedelic trance scene. We […] More

  • Discover Randy Valentine a High-Profile Reggae Booking for NYE

    Reggae legend Randy Valentine spoke with us ahead of his arrival in Malta to play out NYE in true Reggae style. Randy Valentine high profile booking Currently running a beach-side bar in the home of reggae, Jamaica, Nicki of the JUULS reggae brand returns to the island, bringing with him a high-profile booking from London. […] More

  • alive nye

    See Three Underrated DJs From ALIVE at Gianpula NYE

    ALIVE giving you a nudge in the right direction. Still not convinced of where to go this NYE?  Think Gianpula’s Clubhouse for techno from ALIVE NYE.  Ramzi Armani & ALIVE This is following up our previous article on Ramzi Armani. Find yourself three underrated Maltese DJs that you should know about going into 2020. Becky […] More

  • isaac b

    Isaac B: Find Tips From Awesome London Rapper & Entrepreneur

    Isaac B is a London-based hip-hop artist and entrepreneur raised in Florida. Now he’s making a name for himself with his collective AndWhatLDN. Isaac B’s latest track His new track SNE HNE has just been released making this the perfect time to support and release our long overdue interview with him. Check out The King […] More

  • mojo triad

    Mojo Triad: Meet the Powerful Acid Rock, Blues & Soul Trio

    Mojo Triad, Maltese born trio are about to hit the stage for the first time. Read up and make sure to see them play at Zombie Apocalypse on Nov 2nd at Tigullio. Mojo Triad: Acid rock, blues, soul and more When you think about rock & roll coming out of Malta in 2019, what springs […] More

  • kyle geiger

    Kyle Geiger, Expert Techno DJ Talks Techno, to Play in.di.go Malta

    Sunny Malta continues to punch way above its weight with quality artists gracing its shores. This Sunday Berlin based DJ & producer Kyle Geiger will play at Gianpula’s Rooftop Club for the closing of in.di.go. Kyle Geiger – another addition to in.di.go Sundays Contributing to the local club scene, In.di.go’s carefully selected music programming features […] More

  • Kristijan molnar

    Kristijan Molnar, Hear Top Serbian DJ and Radio Host Play In Malta

    Kristijan Molnar resident DJ of 20/44 Club will be playing in Malta on the 21st of September. Direct from the Belgrade underground. Kristian Molnar at EXIT He played the Dance Arena stage of EXIT Festival this year, sharing the stage with Peggy Gou, Paul Kalkbrenner and Boris Brejcha. Traversing the realms of deep techno, NYC […] More

  • Shay Who

    Shay Who – Malta’s Afro Man Spearheading Afrobeats

    Shay Who is taking Malta by surprise. Mixing different genres and spicing things up with thumping beats, he is responsible for the pushing of Afrobeats in Malta. Shay Who Nigeria – Asia – Malta Growing up in Nigeria, he moved to Asia to study multimedia and software engineering where he discovered his affinity for music […] More

  • mari mars

    Feel the Love of House with Mari Mars, Brazilian DJ in Malta

    Beats. Good energy. Vibes. All concepts that are thrown around when describing electronic music. All concepts that apply to Mari Mars. Mari Mars taking over Introducing Mari Mars – Malta-based Brazilian DJ making waves in the local scene. Below are a few words we exchanged. What made you interested in this particular kind of music? […] More

  • lea dobricic

    Click to Discover Lea Dobricic Before Her Techno Set in Malta

    Wanderlust Notion, the mystical, deep house and techno experience created by The Interpreterr has invited Lea Dobricic to play this Saturday 13 April. Lea Dobricic on fire Since Lea won The Burn Studios DJ Competition in 2013 she’s been on fire. She’s charismatic, and most importantly, she can throw down a solid techno track. Add a summer […] More

  • funk girls

    Brazilian Funk: An Introduction for Those Who Like It Raw & Dirty

    It’s raw, it’s dirty and it makes Brazil bounce – introducing Brazilian Funk. Brazilian funk from the favela Brazilian funk, or just simply funk in Brazilian Portugeuse, has seen huge success across the country in the last years. It’s compared to the West Coast’s G-Funk movement in the 90s and 2000s with a twist of favela culture. […] More

  • Techno producer Deprave

    Techno Producer Deprave Releases His First EP of the year

    Deprave, a Maltese techno producer set to release his first EP, Here-After on Dazed & Confused records. A techno producer supported by the heavyweights At just 21, this Maltese techno producer Deprave is going places this is seen by the support of heavyweights in the techno industry, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn, Riva Starr, Steve Perry. […] More

  • frenzy

    Frenzy, the East London Rapper Bringing Up the Community

    Frenzy is a rapper coming out of East London especially known for supporting his community. Known to work alternative hip-hop sounds, he has offered the people around him a chance for success. Why Frenzy? Frenzy is proud to have the ability to crossbreed various BPM’s. In doing this, he combines elements of a multitude of […] More

  • Ned Flanders Band – Okilly Dokilly, a Strange Idea That Works

    Ned Flanders band Okilly Dokilly take time out of their day to say Hi-Diddily-Ho and answer some of our burning questions. Okilly Dokilly -The Ned Flanders Band what’s with the name The “Nedal” band recently had their track “White Wine Spritzer” capture the attention of The Simpsons producers who closed off a recent episode with […] More

  • Sam Christie, Releases Latest Single Don’t Fall Asleep

    Introducing Sam Christie a young and promising Maltese musician who’s just released his latest track titled Don’t Fall Asleep Sam Christie & Cheryl Lofreda “The song itself is quite an old song that I released as a single a few years back, and it’s a song about losing friends to suicide and drugs and losing […] More

  • Sara Lugo – Charming Reggae Voice Set TO PLAY Marley FEST

    Sara Lugo the talented reggae artist will be playing Marley Fest 2019 at Surfside this Saturday in Malta along with other foreign and local acts. We caught her before flying out to Malta to find out what she’s all about. That voice We love your voice. Where do you get it from? Thank you so […] More

  • SHDW & Obscure Shape Light Up Liquid with Five-Hour Set

    SHDW & Obscure Shape. It’s, not every day that you see this duo play live in Malta, but that’s exactly what happened when Entropy brought the duo back to Malta bringing with them darkness and obscurity. Top of their game Techno’s top-tier duo, SHDW & Obscure Shape on the controls is relentless. with the duo […] More

  • Nigel C Releases New Track – “Tombstone” via Beatport

    Nigel C a rising techno producer and DJ catches up with us to tell us about his latest release “Tombstone” via Beatport Techno elements, punchy and snappy baselines You can expect a very melodic and progressive track with stunning techno elements. punchy and snappy baselines, warm and ingenious swelling string pads, groovy percussion, and a […] More

  • Chap Hop Superstar Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer

    Chap hop….What in tarnation is that? Well, it’s a mix of hip-hop with a pinch of chappist or steampunk subculture that gives you a sudden, uncontrollable urge to make a cup of tea. Making chap hop history Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer, is leading the way within the sub-genre and boy is he doing it well […] More

  • Silkrats Nottingham’s Latest Alt-Rock Band Talk Inspiration

    Silkrats are an alt-rock band from Nottingham, UK. who should be on your radar. Black Mirror We live in the information age where we are glued to the Black Mirror that is our smartphones we have all the information we will ever need at our fingertips even with this said independent artists still struggle to […] More

  • Chicano Rap: The Subgenre & Our Top Five Tracks

    Chicano rap is known as a subgenre of hip hop that embodies Chicano culture.Muscians and artists are usually of Southwest Mexican American decent. Lowrider tours and Chicano rap concerts There are many artists of this subgenre of hiphop that have been heavily influenced by Mexican history, Which includes many themes relevant to the Mexican and Chicano people living in […] More

  • Three Tracks We Heard at Liquid Club’s We Love Acid Night

    Underground Sound took a trip to Liquid club to party our way into the early morning with the guys behind Malta’s best acid nights. We Love Acid three bangers This time around we enter the backroom of Liquid club in San Gwann, Malta. Things didn’t take long to kick off with Acidulant and Sean Rickett […] More

  • Perc All Night at Malta’s Home of Techno – Liquid Club

    Perc has played the likes of Berghain, Fabric, and Tresor, He is what many consider to be a successful player in the electronic music scene. Perc tracks He plays internationally, runs his own label (Perc Tracks), and produces his own music. It’s symphonic, melancholic, and simple, fast & heavy techno. Perc was the first DJ […] More

  • black loops

    See Groovebox Close off in the Highest Standard with Black Loops

    GrooveBox are back for their last event of 2018 bringing Black Loops to Gianpula. Hats off and what a year it’s been. Groovebox launch The brand launched in August where they invited stellar DJs and selectors, Krywald & Farrer. It was evident from the start that the brand was what the people wanted. With a […] More

  • Interview: Rafael Cerato to Play At the Warehouse

    Rafael Cerato talks with our guest writer DJ Miss Roberta who catches up with French progressive house and techno producer to hear about his latest endeavors before his upcoming show in Malta. Miss Roberta jumps into the chat with Rafael Cerato What exactly triggered you into becoming a DJ and what lead you into production? […] More

  • dj sandy

    Drum & Bass Life in Leeds & Malta – Click & Learn from DJ Sandy

    DJ Sandy is a drum & bass artist coming from a very active music scene in Leeds. He’s in Malta, where he is currently establishing himself locally. At Leeds Met University he set up Audio Active, the university’s 1st ever DJ society. 9 Questions Sandy has since hosted and been invited to DJ at various clubs, […] More

  • tale at movida

    Pong Anyone? Tale Opens Sexy New Movida With a Pool Party

    Lodged in an inflatable donut, beer in hand, I gently bump into other people who have understood the essence of life just as I have. This is Tale at the Movida pool. Tale by the pool  Something great has happened to hip-hop in Malta. Tale, the island’s most infamous hip-hop and rap promotion are now managing a […] More

  • Fattima Mahdi Hits the Airwaves With “What You Want”

    Only Fattima Mahdi is capable of expanding hip-hop as an art form, Fattima Mahdi is no stranger to the mic Malta-based UK rapper and multi-disciplinary entrepreneur Fattima Mahdi has just released her latest track “What You Want” and it’s set to make waves as she touches on themes of her personal development, our narcissistic society, and […] More

  • Guest DJs Mrjah Rock the Tale Boat Party with Big Bass

    Mrjah is set to take over the decks at Tale’s boat party. MrJah To be honest, when Julien took the mic to announce Mrjah was going to play German music, the crowd at the boat party was collectively a little confused. Someone joked about yodeling and lederhosen. Even I was questioning these guys. Yet, little […] More

  • Groovebox – Talking With Resident Djs Steve & Robin

    Groovebox: a self-contained instrument for the production of live, loop-based electronic music with a high degree of user control facilitating improvisation. The Groovebox brand GrooveBox is also the name of the new brand launched by Steve Muscat and Robin Cutajar just last month. With their first event coming up next Saturday, Featuring the U.K. house […] More

  • botta u risposta

    All about the Comeback – Botta u Risposta Rap Tournament

    A wave of hip-hop and rap is engulfing the island of Malta. The ultimate expression of the art will take form of Botta u Risposta III, Malta’s most recognized rap battle event on July 14th at the Garage in Zebbug. Rap and Maltese society Rap is becoming more important in Maltese society. There is a visible increase in […] More

  • dan shake malta

    Dan Shake at OTR – Listen Up & Listen Good

    On the eve of the public holiday, OTR kicked off their summer season by inviting the incredibly gifted producer & selector Dan Shake. Backyard at Uno Village To set the backdrop, the night is the opening of the recently refurbished venue, the Backyard at Uno Village. This new venue fits the intimate mood that the […] More

  • radikal guru

    Read & Listen to Radikal Guru in Malta, Bass Culture’s Top Invite

    Dub music tickles your brain when it’s done properly. In this context, Radikal Guru was a full out head massage. Coupled with Mute club’s new and very effective speakers, the effect was monstrous. It’s just event number two at this new venue and people were bouncing to the sound of fresh dub music. Bass Culture […] More

  • Cryptic Street

    Cryptic Street: Taking Malta’s Punk Scene up a Notch

    Cryptic Street – a hyper-energetic, no-nonsense punk band that could kick your ass with their tunes. I met lead vocalist Leonna at her place in Birkirkara to chat about Cryptic Street, their new album Titty Monster and what they have planned for the future. Read the exclusive interview right here. More

  • dirtbrain-lunar-c

    Lunar C: Watch Interview of UK Rapper and Don’t Flop Legend

    UK Rapper and Don’t Flop Legend, Lunar C, was in Malta last weekend filming the video for his “Running” from his debut album Dirtbrain, which was released last week. Interview on the roof He was brought over by the guys at The Tale, who he collaborated with last year, and they managed to hook us up with […] More

  • Finding Heavy Metal in Malta – Live Music at The Garage

    Ian sends me a message one fine day. “Malice in Wonderland,” he says. He wants Underground Sound to cover Malta’s heavy metal scene. This heavy metal event at a place called the Garage in Zebbug is on Friday the 13th. I don’t oppose metal, it’s just simply not something I am blasting through my speakers […] More

  • McMark

    McMark: The Rapping Dane Looking to Make a Name in Malta

    If you have been to either of the freestyle rap events over the last two weeks, then you would have become familiar with talented rapper, McMark. Underground Sound Cypher At Underground Sound’s G-Funk & Cypher event, this man was a last-minute entry but made a huge impact, Managing to get down to the last three […] More

  • manatapu 1

    Find Tuatara in Malta: Interview With ManaTapu on Album Launch

    Tucked between the back streets of Birkirkara sits an unassuming tower, dripping with potential; a once derelict car garage, repurposed as a rehearsal complex for Malta’s up-and-coming artists, pulsates in the heart of the island. With every damp and echoing step up the dark and almost dungeon-y stairwell, a new tune can be heard spilling […] More

  • Cristian Lazzara at the cypher

    Cypher Showcase: Highlighting the Best of Hip-Hop in Malta

    The eve of a public holiday is synonymous with crowds of people letting loose. This was, of course, the case at Jah Ruulz a little over a week ago. Within these hallowed grounds, Underground Sound’s first-ever cypher event. The event The event showcased a fresh sound to Malta: old-school West Coast hip-hop featuring a competition […] More

  • Tale's Chapter X

    Chapter X: The Return of Tale Hip Hop for Summer 2018

    Tale, most infamous Maltese hip-hop party is back for another year of madness. The guys will be blessing us with more shows, more DJs, and more theatrics at Chapter X of their hip-hop and trap party series on Friday, April 6, 2018, at Stardust, Sliema. The formula is in the name Tale parties take you […] More

  • Bounce

    G-funk: West Coast vibes come to Malta

    Whether you’re rolling down Sliema, Gzira, or Msida. Cruising to the sound of G-funk hip-hop will put you in the California mood. Prior to Underground Sound’s upcoming G-Funk and Cypher Showcase, here is a basic education of G-funk, or Gangsta Funk. The event will feature the best of old-school West Coast-style hip-hop as well as […] More

  • Depth: Cruising with a Maltese Electronic Music Pioneer

    I’ve known Depth for a while, but only now do we find a chance to catch up and chill. Fattima, Ian, and I pick him up from Manoel Island and go for a cruise. Depth is a man synonymous with dubstep in Malta so when he hands us a CD (Yes, A CD) of his […] More

  • mixmag

    Friday Night Mixmag & Live Looping a London Warehouse

    A friendly suggestion, a credit card payment, and there you have it – the flight to London is booked. Friday Evening The city has been in my reach for a while, that is, until today. Four hours from Malta I’m eating 2 AM nachos at Polo Bar across the street from Liverpool Street Station, to […] More