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  • Dj marky

    Our 6 Favorite Things About DJ Marky, Humble King of Brazilian DnB

    Dynamic mixing, drum ‘n’ bass euphoria and an unbeatable attitude. These are just a few reasons why we consider DJ Marky to be one of our favorite DJs. Although he is known for playing DnB and jungle, he is skilled in many other genres and can play just about anything.  Find below our favorite things […] More

  • DnB MCs To Watch Out for in 2022

    DnB MCs are actively evolving the playing field of drum and bass lyricism. Below is our compiled and essential list of some of the best DnB MCs to watch out for going into 2022. DnB MCs taking over the scene Whether you like DnB MCs or not, there is no doubt that they are sweeping […] More

  • Burning Up The Fire (Remix) New Release ft. Beat Killing Mr Traumatik

    Burning Up The Fire (Remix) should be your introduction to a ganja smoking summer weekend.  Or in our case, a late night double-down work sesh. It’s a new release out from a variety of artists including Cross Breed, Frenquest, Local, Mr Traumatik, MTD, & Skamma. Envisioning a new release Strolling back from an afternoon dip […] More

  • nights in reverse freedom

    Nights in Reverse “Freedom” and Its Dirty Breakbeat – New Release

    Nights in Reverse release “Freedom” and its making us reach for the sky. One of those days It’s Friday and we’re all feeling good. Cruising through Malta on one of these days is glorious. Especially from the fact Nights in Reverse are coursing through our speakers again. Freedom is the feeling. Back up the stairs […] More

  • South Yard reggae & jungle

    South Yard: Dirty Sounds & Compilation Albums of Spanish Jungle

    We’ve heard plenty of drum and bass from the UK, Czech Republic and elsewhere, but until late we discovered a new source of Southern inspiration called South Yard. Meet this junglist record label based in Spain releasing relentless, bass-laden filth. Find out how they disseminate ragga jungle culture and promote the sound of talented artists […] More

  • Dr Meaker


    Dr Meaker – Bristol’s Massive, Live Drum & Bass Act You Need to Hear

    Meet Dr Meaker – a massive drum & bass sound system made up of electronic and acoustic musicians and instruments straight from the heart of the DnB capital of Bristol. Dr Meaker an awe-inspiring display Inspired by The Prodigy and 90’s DnB producers they produce live music before your ears in an awe-inspiring display of live and recorded […] More

  • dj sandy

    Drum & Bass Life in Leeds & Malta – Click & Learn from DJ Sandy

    DJ Sandy is a drum & bass artist coming from a very active music scene in Leeds. He’s in Malta, where he is currently establishing himself locally. At Leeds Met University he set up Audio Active, the university’s 1st ever DJ society. 9 Questions Sandy has since hosted and been invited to DJ at various clubs, […] More

  • Harry Shotta in Malta

    MIB Crew brings the World’s Fastest Rapper to Malta

    Something is different. This isn’t your average night at the Funky Monkey, Lingering sensation of anticipation. Promoters nervously chat between themselves, and you can overhear people talking about the main act. Meanwhile, an ominous sound pours out of the main room and there is mounting tension, the tension that is only released when Harry Shotta, […] More