Drum and bass was a vital part of the early 90’s UK rave scene. Artists and producers started to mix a hip hop derived breakbeat to create jungle. Heavily influenced by Jamaican beats and sounds, an early version of drum and bass was formed.

Drum and bass is important as it offers up a multitude of iconic and distinct sounds that’s only found within the genre.

New strands of drum and bass include liquid drum and bass, neurofunk, breakbeat, ragga jungle and jump up.

Underground Sound is there to catch the new faces and basslines coming into the scene.

We value the high energy that listening to drum and bass provides. Its rolling beats, driving sound and deep wobbles ensure that raves go into the early morning hours.

Drum and bass artists don’t only come from the UK. We’ve covered jungle music labels from Spain, to massive drum and bass festivals in the Czech Republic and even DnB freestylers from Canada.

Alongside the genres of liquid drum and bass, jungle and breakbeat, expect in-depth coverage from drum and bass artists, new releases, and industry tips.

Prepare your speakers and practice your bassface because it’s about to get wobbly.

Allow us to guide you towards the dirtiest of bass drops. From Kingston to Bristol, we love when things bend out of shape.

That’s why you are sure to find dedicated drum and bass events and festivals here.

It’s enough for you to grab the bucket hat, book the ticket and scream out NICE ONE BRUVA!