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  • Beatboxing monk

    Beatboxing Buddhist Monk And His Thought-provoking Beats

    Beatboxing is being taken to a whole new mystical level by Yogetsu Akasaka.  Spritual and musical paths From busking in different countries to taking the spiritual path of becoming a monk. This Japanese Zen Buddhist monk never let go of his love for music.  His voice and a loop mixer are all he needs to […] More

  • Roza: Find Out About The Fresh Indie Band Perking Up Our Ears

    ‘Roża’ ( Maltese for pink) is here to bring sweet, sweet music to our ears. Roza captures crisp and fresh young spirit They’ve captured the crisp, fresh and young spirit of indie’s textured melodies through an amalgamation of musical perspectives delivered through a single entity – and their music is set to trigger all the […] More


    MOONTIDE: Listen to Bright Producer Make Waves in Aussie Downtempo

    MOONTIDE aka Louis Tobin started by making ripples in the downtempo genre of the Aussie festival scene. Over the last few years those ripples have developed into a musical tsunami, giving way to his latest EP.  MOONTIDE and his new album “Our Youth” We sat down with Moontide to see where his amazing creativity has […] More

  • Rum Buffalo – Villainous Prog Swing Release Latest Single

    I discovered Rum Buffalo back in 2016 when they were playing at Malta’s Earth Garden Festival. Rum Buffalo a new persona These guys dominated the stage, spreading their infectious energy which had our heads bobbing and hips shaking instantaneously. Their sound has developed dramatically since then, but it still retains that signature ‘Rum Buffalo’ quality.  […] More

  • Felsmann + Tiley

    Felsmann + Tiley A Unique Synthesizer Duo With No Percussion Allowed

    Felsmann + Tiley release a rework of M83’s melancholic Solitude. A track befitting for those feeling a little isolated in such trying times. An exploration of your inner self The duo amplified the isolating intensity of this tune using hard-hitting synthetic melodies that plummet your psyche through a tunnel of feels. “We are super honored […] More

  • Brikkuni From Punk Rock to New Wave A New Underground Starts To emerge

    Brikkuni, a Maltese alternative band that shares its perspective on all things related to life, death, love, and politics. Music from Brikkuni that pays tribute to Malta’s identity Malta harbors a multitude of artistic thinkers and expressive beings and local underground band Brikkuni is proof with their music that’s honest, relatable, and pays tribute to […] More

  • Multicultural Duo Organic Echoes

    Multicultural & Downtempo Duo Organic Echoes Release First Vivid Mix

    Multicultural Duo Organic Echoes, release a recorded two-hour mix this week. What is the motivation for multicultural duo Organic Echoes Tucked away in a secret garden, they diffused their first filmed set, sharing more of their project with the world. The selections are top-notch – playing the freshest releases, together they explore the far limits of […] More

  • gardna

    Gardna, the Bristol Rapper With Big Hip-Hop, Reggae & DnB Tunes

    Gardna offers a fusion of reggae, DnB and hip-hop. The listener gets a unique listen into the Bristol bass scene and sound system culture. Gardna rising He has been on a upwards course to success since his summer anthem release “Sunday” back in 2016, along with his breakthrough track Rudeboy in 2018. It certainly looks […] More

  • Acidulant releases “Iteration of a Dark Future”: Listen to New Acid

    Acidulant has released his latest acid-laden album “Iteration of a Dark Future”. Listen to his new work and read our thoughts about it below. Acidulant “Iteration of a Dark Future” We have a privileged listen to his latest acid techno release. First of all, we are quite happy about it. The Maltese producer is well […] More

  • caly jandro

    Caly Jandro: Introducing His Amazing Organic & Dowtempo Sound

    The rhythmic downtempo sounds of Caly Jandro echo through the streets of Melbourne and into the Victorian bushland. Caly Jandro the urban shaman He combines mesmerising drumbeats with earthy and ethnic elements. Caly takes you on a journey of self-discovery and pure connection. No wonder his friends call him the urban shaman. He generously gave […] More

  • mojo triad

    Mojo Triad: Meet the Powerful Acid Rock, Blues & Soul Trio

    Mojo Triad, Maltese born trio are about to hit the stage for the first time. Read up and make sure to see them play at Zombie Apocalypse on Nov 2nd at Tigullio. Mojo Triad: Acid rock, blues, soul and more When you think about rock & roll coming out of Malta in 2019, what springs […] More

  • Shay Who

    Shay Who – Malta’s Afro Man Spearheading Afrobeats

    Shay Who is taking Malta by surprise. Mixing different genres and spicing things up with thumping beats, he is responsible for the pushing of Afrobeats in Malta. Shay Who Nigeria – Asia – Malta Growing up in Nigeria, he moved to Asia to study multimedia and software engineering where he discovered his affinity for music […] More

  • funk girls

    Brazilian Funk: An Introduction for Those Who Like It Raw & Dirty

    It’s raw, it’s dirty and it makes Brazil bounce – introducing Brazilian Funk. Brazilian funk from the favela Brazilian funk, or just simply funk in Brazilian Portugeuse, has seen huge success across the country in the last years. It’s compared to the West Coast’s G-Funk movement in the 90s and 2000s with a twist of favela culture. […] More

  • Ned Flanders Band – Okilly Dokilly, a Strange Idea That Works

    Ned Flanders band Okilly Dokilly take time out of their day to say Hi-Diddily-Ho and answer some of our burning questions. Okilly Dokilly -The Ned Flanders Band what’s with the name The “Nedal” band recently had their track “White Wine Spritzer” capture the attention of The Simpsons producers who closed off a recent episode with […] More

  • Sam Christie, Releases Latest Single Don’t Fall Asleep

    Introducing Sam Christie a young and promising Maltese musician who’s just released his latest track titled Don’t Fall Asleep Sam Christie & Cheryl Lofreda “The song itself is quite an old song that I released as a single a few years back, and it’s a song about losing friends to suicide and drugs and losing […] More

  • Silkrats Nottingham’s Latest Alt-Rock Band Talk Inspiration

    Silkrats are an alt-rock band from Nottingham, UK. who should be on your radar. Black Mirror We live in the information age where we are glued to the Black Mirror that is our smartphones we have all the information we will ever need at our fingertips even with this said independent artists still struggle to […] More

  • radikal guru

    Read & Listen to Radikal Guru in Malta, Bass Culture’s Top Invite

    Dub music tickles your brain when it’s done properly. In this context, Radikal Guru was a full out head massage. Coupled with Mute club’s new and very effective speakers, the effect was monstrous. It’s just event number two at this new venue and people were bouncing to the sound of fresh dub music. Bass Culture […] More

  • Cryptic Street

    Cryptic Street: Taking Malta’s Punk Scene up a Notch

    Cryptic Street – a hyper-energetic, no-nonsense punk band that could kick your ass with their tunes. I met lead vocalist Leonna at her place in Birkirkara to chat about Cryptic Street, their new album Titty Monster and what they have planned for the future. Read the exclusive interview right here. More

  • Finding Heavy Metal in Malta – Live Music at The Garage

    Ian sends me a message one fine day. “Malice in Wonderland,” he says. He wants Underground Sound to cover Malta’s heavy metal scene. This heavy metal event at a place called the Garage in Zebbug is on Friday the 13th. I don’t oppose metal, it’s just simply not something I am blasting through my speakers […] More

  • Depth: Cruising with a Maltese Electronic Music Pioneer

    I’ve known Depth for a while, but only now do we find a chance to catch up and chill. Fattima, Ian, and I pick him up from Manoel Island and go for a cruise. Depth is a man synonymous with dubstep in Malta so when he hands us a CD (Yes, A CD) of his […] More

  • mixmag

    Friday Night Mixmag & Live Looping a London Warehouse

    A friendly suggestion, a credit card payment, and there you have it – the flight to London is booked. Friday Evening The city has been in my reach for a while, that is, until today. Four hours from Malta I’m eating 2 AM nachos at Polo Bar across the street from Liverpool Street Station, to […] More

  • Valletta Malta

    Weekly Jazz Jams and an Off-Beat Venue

    Making your way through downtown Valletta’s steep roads, you’ll come across numerous small bars populated by locals and more churches than you can count. Hidden among these is an absolute gem of a place. Offbeat jazz bar. comes with a kick-ass sound system, The bar has taken the concept of live music in Malta to […] More

  • bass culture

    The Humble Guys From Bass Culture – Fantastic Dub Maestros

    Bass Culture is a dub promotion based out of Malta. They throw parties with bass-heavy tracks in outdoors locations. Find out how these guys got started. Sitting down with Bass Culture Sitting down in the office of Vitamin Urban Culture in Paola, Miguel rolls a cigarette sitting cross-legged on a plastic-covered sofa chair. Keith, his […] More