Hip hop is living poetry.

Originally it gave a voice to the disadvantaged in the projects of inner city New York, while today it’s a cultural movement that ecompasses music, dance, art, poetry, fashion and philosophy.

Hip hop is spoken word documentation of the world around hip hop artists.

Like Biggie Smalls said, “I’ve got a story to tell”.

Hip hop may have developed in the US, but today it is a global music phenomenon.

The base of hip hop music is its culture that is centered around the four elements of MCing, DJing, breakdancing and street art.

Hip hop artists and the people involved in the industry have a story to tell.

No matter their geographical location, you’re guaranteed to learn something about the way of life and how hip hop music influenced a different part of the world.

There’s a high chance there’s a subgenre of hip hop you didn’t know about – and we’re here to tell you about it.

Hip hop is one of the biggest genres in the music industry.

Hip hop music is a sea full of talented, unsigned and underground hip hop artists looking to break through.

We cover underground hip hop music and culture by showcasing talent and giving advice and tips from leading industry professionals.

In this section you will find new hip hop tracks, up and coming artists and the latest music industry knowledge.

Underground Sound is a resource for hip-hop from East to West and beyond.

So, break out the Hennessy, light up some indo kush and dive into underground hip hop.

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