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Hip-hop is much more than a genre.

It is a cultural movement that ecompasses music, dance, art, poetry, fashion, and philosophy.

Break out the Hennessy, light one up and listen to hip-hop. From East to West coast and beyond.

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  • Prof on an apparent Micky D's run


    Ridiculous One Liners from Prof Rapper from the Cold North

    For those who don’t know Prof, he is the party boy of the Midwest, his rhymes as wild as his antics. This rapper from the cold North of Minneapolis, Minnesota is blowing up beyond the state and we’ve been witnessing his rise. Find below our favorite lines from this hip-hip rapper and soul singer over […] More

  • C-Lance

    C Lance: Producing Boom & Hardcore Rap Beats for Hip Hop’s Elite

    C-Lance is a beat producer within underground hip-hop who has been creating boom–bap and hardcore rap beats for over a decade for some of the biggest names in the scene. Boom–bap & hardcore beats Boom-bap is a subgenre of hip-hop that came about in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Originating in New York the […] More

  • Arabic rap Al Mudeer Shbash

    Arabic Rap You Need To Hear – “Al Mudeer” By Shbash From Jordan

    Arabic speaker or not, “Al Mudeer” is a bomb track for any ear. Produced and performed by self-made Arabic rap artist Shbash, he is a talented, down to Earth, Jordanian rapper. Listen to his under the radar track below. The Mauritanian connection My Mauritanian friend Zain has a great taste in hip-hop. It’s through him […] More

  • cristian lazzara

    Why You Should Listen to Rap Music in a Different Language

    Find out why people listen to rap in a language they don’t understand and why it’s good for them. Music connecting humans Music is one of the human connections that doesn’t require understanding for it be appreciated. The same goes for rap – music is universal and if a track has a good beat, you can […] More

  • Kray Z Legz – The Rapper with Spina Bifida & Superstar Collaborations

    Kray Z Legz is a 31-year-old rapper, producer, and disability advocate from Glastonbury, UK. He hasn’t limited himself and his musical aspirations even though he’s spent his life in a wheelchair and the proof is in the pudding, with collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Whizz Khalifa and many others. Kray Z Legz connects with Snoop […] More

  • isaac b love yourz

    “Love Yourz” New Song by UK Rapper Isaac B, Listen To Poetic Return

    Celebrating his 7th year in the UK capital, the Trans-Atlantic MC, Isaac B, drops his new single, “Love Yourz”. “Love Yourz” by Isaac B It’s a thoughtful number, reflecting on life’s struggles and growth in self-love and perseverance. Unpretentious and poetic in its delivery, the first single presents lyrically charged hooks and melodic instrumentation throughout his […] More

  • isaac b

    Isaac B: Find Tips From Awesome London Rapper & Entrepreneur

    Isaac B is a London-based hip-hop artist and entrepreneur raised in Florida. Now he’s making a name for himself with his collective AndWhatLDN. Isaac B’s latest track His new track SNE HNE has just been released making this the perfect time to support and release our long overdue interview with him. Check out The King […] More

  • frenzy

    Frenzy, the East London Rapper Bringing Up the Community

    Frenzy is a rapper coming out of East London especially known for supporting his community. Known to work alternative hip-hop sounds, he has offered the people around him a chance for success. Why Frenzy? Frenzy is proud to have the ability to crossbreed various BPM’s. In doing this, he combines elements of a multitude of […] More

  • Chap Hop Superstar Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer

    Chap hop….What in tarnation is that? Well, it’s a mix of hip-hop with a pinch of chappist or steampunk subculture that gives you a sudden, uncontrollable urge to make a cup of tea. Making chap hop history Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer, is leading the way within the sub-genre and boy is he doing it well […] More

  • Chicano Rap: The Subgenre & Our Top Five Tracks

    Chicano rap is known as a subgenre of hip hop that embodies Chicano culture.Muscians and artists are usually of Southwest Mexican American decent. Lowrider tours and Chicano rap concerts There are many artists of this subgenre of hiphop that have been heavily influenced by Mexican history, Which includes many themes relevant to the Mexican and Chicano people living in […] More

  • tale at movida

    Pong Anyone? Tale Opens Sexy New Movida With a Pool Party

    Lodged in an inflatable donut, beer in hand, I gently bump into other people who have understood the essence of life just as I have. This is Tale at the Movida pool. Tale by the pool  Something great has happened to hip-hop in Malta. Tale, the island’s most infamous hip-hop and rap promotion are now managing a […] More

  • Fattima Mahdi Hits the Airwaves With “What You Want”

    Only Fattima Mahdi is capable of expanding hip-hop as an art form, Fattima Mahdi is no stranger to the mic Malta-based UK rapper and multi-disciplinary entrepreneur Fattima Mahdi has just released her latest track “What You Want” and it’s set to make waves as she touches on themes of her personal development, our narcissistic society, and […] More

  • Guest DJs Mrjah Rock the Tale Boat Party with Big Bass

    Mrjah is set to take over the decks at Tale’s boat party. MrJah To be honest, when Julien took the mic to announce Mrjah was going to play German music, the crowd at the boat party was collectively a little confused. Someone joked about yodeling and lederhosen. Even I was questioning these guys. Yet, little […] More

  • botta u risposta

    All about the Comeback – Botta u Risposta Rap Tournament

    A wave of hip-hop and rap is engulfing the island of Malta. The ultimate expression of the art will take form of Botta u Risposta III, Malta’s most recognized rap battle event on July 14th at the Garage in Zebbug. Rap and Maltese society Rap is becoming more important in Maltese society. There is a visible increase in […] More

  • dirtbrain-lunar-c

    Lunar C: Watch Interview of UK Rapper and Don’t Flop Legend

    UK Rapper and Don’t Flop Legend, Lunar C, was in Malta last weekend filming the video for his “Running” from his debut album Dirtbrain, which was released last week. Interview on the roof He was brought over by the guys at The Tale, who he collaborated with last year, and they managed to hook us up with […] More

  • McMark

    McMark: The Rapping Dane Looking to Make a Name in Malta

    If you have been to either of the freestyle rap events over the last two weeks, then you would have become familiar with talented rapper, McMark. Underground Sound Cypher At Underground Sound’s G-Funk & Cypher event, this man was a last-minute entry but made a huge impact, Managing to get down to the last three […] More

  • Cristian Lazzara at the cypher

    Cypher Showcase: Highlighting the Best of Hip-Hop in Malta

    The eve of a public holiday is synonymous with crowds of people letting loose. This was, of course, the case at Jah Ruulz a little over a week ago. Within these hallowed grounds, Underground Sound’s first-ever cypher event. The event The event showcased a fresh sound to Malta: old-school West Coast hip-hop featuring a competition […] More

  • Tale's Chapter X

    Chapter X: The Return of Tale Hip Hop for Summer 2018

    Tale, most infamous Maltese hip-hop party is back for another year of madness. The guys will be blessing us with more shows, more DJs, and more theatrics at Chapter X of their hip-hop and trap party series on Friday, April 6, 2018, at Stardust, Sliema. The formula is in the name Tale parties take you […] More

  • Bounce

    G-funk: West Coast vibes come to Malta

    Whether you’re rolling down Sliema, Gzira, or Msida. Cruising to the sound of G-funk hip-hop will put you in the California mood. Prior to Underground Sound’s upcoming G-Funk and Cypher Showcase, here is a basic education of G-funk, or Gangsta Funk. The event will feature the best of old-school West Coast-style hip-hop as well as […] More

  • malta's hiphop loft

    The Hip-Hop Loft – Malta’s Latest Music Podcast

    The time is now for Malta’s music industry. As it develops we are witnessing entrepreneurs come forward with ideas that will shape what we will be listening to in the future. One of those entrepreneurs is Michel “Mixu” Galea, who will be launching a hip-hop podcast dubbed Mixu presents The Hip Hop Loft at the […] More

  • Another Paceville: Supre and Siconix of Havana 808

    Paceville is Malta’s own Sin City. But under the layers of binge drinking, strip bars, and barfed-up commercial music there is a gem to be found. When Supre returned to Malta from his travels abroad in 2014 he was unsure about his future plans. That is until he came across a Facebook post from Siconix, […] More

  • siconix

    Meet Siconix, Maltese Master Producer Of Trap Music

    We visit Siconix in his trap music lair to find out more about his style, his current projects and what’s next for this Maltese DJ. House of Siconix Walking into a discreet garage on a street corner of Paola, you would expect to see loads of car parts and dirty mechanics tools. Not in Siconix’s […] More

  • love dont come easy

    Fattima Mahdi Launches New Book “Love Don’t Come Easy”

    Come to the launch of Fattima Mahdi’s “Love Don’t Come Easy” at One Love in Msida, Malta. Forget the chapter reading and lackluster group discussion. Expect free entry, live music, thought-provoking conversations and damn good food. Your host, Fattima Mahdi Hosted by the multi-talented Fattima Mahdi, she will be introducing to the world her first […] More

  • Lahbone: Underpromoted & Underrated Rap Talent from Texas

    Lahbone hails from Wharton Texas and has been low-key grinding on Youtube and Soundcloud. His repertoire is not massive, but what can be found is very impressive. He explains that he was raised in the “SWAT” and has had his fair share of problems all of which come out in his music, including the deaths […] More

  • av the great

    AV The Great: Live From The Struggle to Independent Success

    Texas Rapper, Av The Great, has been on the grind in more ways than you can imagine. As a youth he had dreams of being a basketball player, but his plans were dashed due to injury, which left him with no choice but to make his money on the streets. One day he decided to […] More

  • Abbas

    Abbas Kubaff: The Pioneer of Kenyan Hip Hop

    Although you may not have heard of Abbas Kubaff, aka Doobies, he is in fact, probably the biggest and most successful rapper on the island of Malta right now. Abbas Kubaff, launched rap in Kenya Ask the Kenya-born rapper how long he has been rapping and he will tell you simply, “Forever, As of old as […] More

  • niggy raw

    Niggy Raw By Name & Nature – Raw Rap Talent From Liverpool

    Niggy Raw, AKA K.O.D, is changing the game when it comes to how we define UK rap music. His versatility on tracks is what makes him such a promising talent and one you need to watch out for. Lyrics and flow He has the ability to shock you with graphic lyrics and aggressive flows, or […] More


    The Tale ft. JFB: The Story of a Night Filled with the Purest Hip-Hop

    Konnect in Paceville was turned into hip-hop Jungle on Saturday Night, thanks to the guys behind The Tale. The Tale launched just last year but are already well on their way to becoming the quintessential urban music event organizers on the Island. They proved this once again on Saturday night by providing some serious talent […] More

  • Tale Hip hop

    The Rise of Tale: Malta’s Hip-Hop and Trap Reps

    Looking for down & dirty beats on an island run by house & techno? Well, we’ve got a crew for you! The Story of Tale  Tale are hip-hop and trap promoters, DJs and MCs that have grown steadily in Malta since their debut in May of last year. Tale is run by a handful of […] More