House music is important because it is a genre that consistently has influence over mainstream and pop music. Pop artists often get their tracks remixed by underground house music artists.

Despite having a role on many popular and commercial channels, house continues to have a role in the underground scene.

So what is house?

House is the oldest genre within electronic music with roots in disco, soul and electro. It keeps people dancing simultaneously uniting cultures and innovating music.

No matter who you are, we believe there is a type of house music for you. That’s why we cover and share music from all over the world.

Get enchanted by deep house havens in Ibiza or raving amapiano in South Africa.

Since its inception in Chicago in the 80s, house music has spread like wildfire to other cities and countries and into countless subgenres.

It weaves its way into the hearts of millions in the form of universal happiness.

Peace, love, unity and respect are big concepts in the house. It’s a scene that has historically accepted all who wish to dance, regardless of background, race or gender.

The music is only a reflection of the culture – togetherness.

So no matter who you are, find the latest of deep house, tech house, afro house, oriental house and more.

This music can heal, soothe and comfort, but also uplift, energize and empower.

House music is a feeling, a feeling that will never die.