Music sounds better with you

Hands in the air – it’s all about the love.

House music can heal, soothe and comfort. It’s a music of love, a music from above.

Find your groove and make a move. House music in our hearts, dancing in our souls.

Music is the answer to your problems.

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  • romare

    Romare Soulful Summer Electronic New Release “The River”

    Romare releases ‘The River’: just what we need to fuel that summer energy. Listen to leave lockdown behind and get your booty back on the dance floor. Romare’s “The River” This electronic track is energetic, upbeat and an overall soul satisfier! It has some wonderful percussive elements that play into Romare’s disco inspired ambience. Wrap […] More

  • mari mars

    Feel the Love of House with Mari Mars, Brazilian DJ in Malta

    Beats. Good energy. Vibes. All concepts that are thrown around when describing electronic music. All concepts that apply to Mari Mars. Mari Mars taking over Introducing Mari Mars – Malta-based Brazilian DJ making waves in the local scene. Below are a few words we exchanged. What made you interested in this particular kind of music? […] More

  • black loops

    See Groovebox Close off in the Highest Standard with Black Loops

    GrooveBox are back for their last event of 2018 bringing Black Loops to Gianpula. Hats off and what a year it’s been. Groovebox launch The brand launched in August where they invited stellar DJs and selectors, Krywald & Farrer. It was evident from the start that the brand was what the people wanted. With a […] More

  • Groovebox – Talking With Resident Djs Steve & Robin

    Groovebox: a self-contained instrument for the production of live, loop-based electronic music with a high degree of user control facilitating improvisation. The Groovebox brand GrooveBox is also the name of the new brand launched by Steve Muscat and Robin Cutajar just last month. With their first event coming up next Saturday, Featuring the U.K. house […] More

  • dan shake malta

    Dan Shake at OTR – Listen Up & Listen Good

    On the eve of the public holiday, OTR kicked off their summer season by inviting the incredibly gifted producer & selector Dan Shake. Backyard at Uno Village To set the backdrop, the night is the opening of the recently refurbished venue, the Backyard at Uno Village. This new venue fits the intimate mood that the […] More

  • district gozo carnival

    Relive District’s Gozo Carnival Weekender last Friday

    Pissing rain! It’s Friday night of the Gozo carnival weekend. We pull into the muddy parking lot of Maxtura club and leap out of the car like wild animals, slopping through troughs of water to arrive to the front entrance of the District event.  District at Maxtura Club, Gozo After getting caught red-handed with a […] More

  • mel matt route 1

    Route 1 Opening Night – Refreshing for Malta House Music Lovers

    The first event by Route 1 of Mel and Matt went off without a hitch Saturday night at Prestige Club in Paceville. In the first of their electronic music series on the island, attendees were treated to some enthralling sets from both main men on the decks. Deep house in Malta by Route 1 Deep house […] More