Reggae music influenced underground, revolutionary societies contributing to the development of new counterculture movements.

Once led by Bob Marley in the battle for equality, it is now a symbol of peace, love and togetherness.

It is also the basis of so many underground music cultures.

Reggae music has touched so many people and artists. Big respect to reggae for its role in the birth of jungle and drum and bass.

Don’t forget it also played a role in the development of punk and hip hop.

It may have originated in Jamaica in the 1960s, but today reggae is created and celebrated globally. For example, one of the foremost reggae artists, Alborosie, is Sicilian.

Now reggae music can be heard in almost all languages from people spreading the love who have no ties to Jamaica.

There are a multitude of events and festivals celebrating reggae music culture around the world.

And you can read about all of them right here on Underground Sound.

In this section you will find new and established reggae artists, new releases and remixes.

Also expect to dive into the multitude of reggae subgenres such as dub, dancehall and more.

We are closely associated with reggae culture as it is a culture of sharing. So pass to the left and remember, when the music hits you feel no pain.