Techno is important because it is rooted in underground music culture. Of all the genres, techno values an underground characteristic, non-conforming to the mainstream.

Techno music is a powerful mover – it’s one of those genres where parties last for days rather than hours. Think dark faces, seismic drops and bone rattling bass. For techno heads, this is what dreams are made of.

Great techno is being produced from all corners of the world. There are countless splinters of subgenres growing everyday. Techno DJs come from just about anywhere and techno is celebrated everywhere.

Techno music culture is a welcoming community that accepts anyone. Join us in the warehouse, deep in the forest or even your kitchen as we shine a light into the dark underbelly of techno.

Here you will find quality, underground techno. From dark techno to the lighter stuff, find the artists that are innovating and elevating the genre to a whole new level.

We want to share the feeling you get when you hear faint sounds in the distance when approaching a techno party. Discover new artists, new releases and a few kick ass sets.

And if techno doesn’t make you horny, we advise you to get better speakers.