Trance is important to the underground because it has been enchanting loyal fans since the 90s.

It has an enduring cultural significance in electronic music. It’s a genre as much as a lifestyle with the power to make strangers into friends.

Trance is defined as a state of mind implying hypnotism and a heightened sense of consciousness.

Trance music and its variations such as psychedelic trance, all aim to bring you there.

There are many forms of trance music. A few subgenres include acid trance, goa trance, progressive trance and psychedelic trance.

The beauty of this genre is how diverse it is and how it keeps changing.

One example is Goa trance. It refers to a particular strand that evolved in Goa, India where it is still celebrated today.

Psy trance on the other hand is a sub-genre that evolved from goa and has propagated to headphones, monitors and illegal soundsystem parties around the world.

We write about different types of trance from all over the world.

We also write about technical aspects of trance production. We reach out to the trance masters who know their art the best.

Expect to find euphoria.

Trance is so much more than dreadlocks and dirty feet – it’s progressive trance beats that will elevate you and those around you to the highest peaks.