Africa Rising Music Conference Proud Recipient of the Prestigious Ballantine’s True Music Fund

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Photo courtesy of Africa Rising Music Conference

Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC), South Africa’s female-led music conference was recently awarded the Ballantine’s True Music Fund.

ARMC received a total of £10,000 through the fund, which is a part of Ballantine’s longstanding commitment to push underground scenes forward and support artists, fans, crews, and communities around the world. 

Africa Rising Music Conference supporting Zambian artists through the funds 

The executive-focused organization used Ballantine’s funding to facilitate a cultural exchange and mobility program for musicians and music professionals from Zambia, therefore fostering unity and shared passion across borders. 

They stand alongside nine other global recipients.

The Ballentine’s True Music Fund, known for supporting diverse artists and inclusive music experiences worldwide was given to nine other similar communities such as Nigeria’s Femme Africa and Brazil’s Feminine Hi-Fi this year.

The recipients this year included several African outfits like ARMC, who strive to provide solid foundations to their local communities.

Africa Rising Music Conference 2024 happening in May

ARMC 2024 is scheduled to happen on the 28th and 29th of May next year at the Hallmark House Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

The executive-focused conference promises to be a game-changer for African music and its connection to the worldwide market. It will also feature a unique mix of local and international delegates for the panel sessions and showcases. 

A huge platform for networking

Centering around the chart-topping urban and electronic music genres, ARMC24 aims to showcase the diverse and dynamic music scene in Africa while providing a platform for music industry players to network, build bridges, and collaborate.

Delegates can network with other creatives, develop new connections, and leave their unique stamp on the music industry. 

Excellent panel discussions and showcases 

African Rising Music Conference is known for providing insights, expertise, and innovative thinking. It’s a two-way exchange between Africa and the world in a way that prioritizes both independence and creativity. Their panel discussions promise to engage, educate, and inspire attendees. 

Applications for Africa Rising Music Conference 2024 are open  

Artists looking to share their work with the world and music professionals with important views on industry trends can apply or suggest a session can do so. 

Learn about the ARMC ambassador program

Read about the five female ambassadors chosen for ARMC 2023 here.

Written by Kusumitha Vasanth

Kusumitha is a creative and dynamic music journalist, who spends her time between India and the UK. She's been actively reporting on India’s music scene through various publications. Kusumitha is also a professionally trained vocalist trained in Hindustani classical music.

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