Age at Burning Man 2023: Last Year’s Census Reveals the Median Burner Age to be 37

Census burners at Burning Man
Members of the Census team atop the DataBeast in BRC, 2022 (Photo courtesy of Andi Morency)

Recent data from the Black Rock City Census 2022 report revealed that the median age of participants who attended the popular event in 2022 was 37. 

Burning Man is an event known for its rich and inclusive cultural experience that transcends societal boundaries. It is regarded as a sanctuary for art, music, expression, and creativity so it is no wonder that people of all ages like to be a part of it.

The median age of burners in Burning Man 2023 may increase

Information graphed out by Black Rock City Census

The median age of participants attending this week-long event has been steadily increasing since 2013. In 2013, the median age of burners was 32 years old whereas last year, the median age was found to have increased by five years. 

It is therefore safe to assume that the median age of participants in Burning Man 2023 may continue to increase or remain the same.

Percentage of virgin burners decreasing 

One of the possible reasons for the increasing age of burners could be the fact that Black Rock City has seen a lesser number of first-timers or virgins each year. 

While in 2016 there were 40% of burners attending the event for the first time, the year 2019 saw a drop with only 26% of virgin burners. In 2022, however, there was a slight increase of 2% with 28% virgin burners. It can still be considered a negligible increase. 

Considering how Burning Man has a loyal fan base and many burners like to come back, the median age makes sense.

The R.I.D.E principle and the Black Rock City Environment – another possible reason?

Burning Man is known for its 10 principles and the R.I.D.E (Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity) Stewardship Group. Each year, they strive for a more inclusive and diverse environment that welcomes people from all ages, genders identities, and cultures.

There are camps designed for people with mobility issues and this would include people older in age so of course, this may be another reason to explain this data. 

Burning Man turns 37 this year!

Did you know that Burning Man 2023 will be the 37th year of this iconic festival?

Can’t go to Burning Man 2023 in Nevada?

There are plenty of regional burns around the world for you to explore.

Written by Kusumitha Vasanth

Kusumitha is a creative and dynamic music journalist, who spends her time between India and the UK. She's been actively reporting on India’s music scene through various publications. Kusumitha is also a professionally trained vocalist trained in Hindustani classical music.

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