Berlin Sleep Concert Had Almost All Attendees Fast Asleep

Girl Sleeping - Photo Courtsey of Gregory Pappas on Unsplash
Girl Sleeping - Photo Courtsey of Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

Emma Sleep Concert attendees caught up on their rest with cozy pillows, soft blankets, and acoustic music. It’s no wonder more than half the attendees fell asleep, who wouldn’t?

Emma, The Sleep Company, marked World Sleep Day with a bang as they launched their very first music album at a sleep concert in Berlin on March 15th.

A sleep concert could solve your insomnia

After much research into the sleep difficulties of the general population, sleep experts from the company, Emma, found a perfect solution — sleep music. Held at Berlin’s iconic Hansa Studios, the concert aimed to help people cope with sleep problems. 

According to sleep researcher Angela Kondinska, music is a powerful tool to aid sleep. The concert revealed that around 59% of attendees fell asleep while being provided with cozy pillows, soft blankets, low lighting, and double beds.

Emma Sleep Concert album: Scores of Sleep, Vol. 1

The album features first-class musicians Torben Brüggemann on the piano, the Kaiser Quartett on strings, and Rosbeh as DJ. After digging into the scientific findings of researchers from Denmark, the company created an album with eleven tracks, ‘Scores of Sleep, Vol. 1’. These tracks feature acoustics and are free of vocals, without any bounces of energy. With the album available on Spotify, anyone can listen from the comfort of their beds.

Emma – The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company was founded in 2015 by Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Mueller in Germany. Present in more than 30 countries, it is one of the world’s leading sleep brands. Emma wanted to offer its guests a unique experience away from daily stress and leave them feeling refreshed. Angela Kondinska commented on the company’s commitment to this concert, going the extra mile to incorporate sleep-inducing elements.

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Written by Juliana Zammit

Juliana is a Bachelor student studying Journalism, and photography. Allowing her to narrate stories through text and images.

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