Different Breed: Caxxianne’s New EP is a Symbol of Resilience

Different Breed album cover

Different Breed, for Caxxianne, is a symbol of resilience towards her life struggles and strengths.

Her single ‘Godxilla’ was just the first course and now she’s back with the whole meal in the form of a new EP, set to release on July 2, 2024.

Different Breed: A new phase

After the release of ‘Same Beast’, Caxxianne couldn’t stay silent, and she’s been working on her sixth studio EP, Different Breed marking a new phase of evolution for her.

Her soon-to-be-released work allows her to transition into Cosmic Creatixx, ‘‘a symbol of strength and resilience with a balance of masculine and feminine energies.’’

Although July is still four months away. Caxxianne will be giving a teaser through the release of the EP’s first single on the 15th of March 2024. ‘Bank (Broke Phase)’ will be featuring the London-based rapper Kody Glish, setting the tone of expectation from Caxxianne.

Different Breed is a symbol of resilience

Caxxianne wrote Different Breed as a narrative of her resilience, manifestation, and elation. With each track commemorating a different chapter in her story. Through this EP, listeners will have a peek into her self-discovery and empowerment journey while embracing their own beautiful phases of life.

The tracks, ‘Bank (Broke Phase)’ and ‘Bank (Rich Phase)’ explore the ups and downs that Caxxianne has been through.

‘Broke Phase’ certainly refers to a difficult situation, while ‘Rich Phase’ explores the possibilities that one can endure when being determined. The standout track, ‘Ctr-L,’ is a walkthrough of her life journey in London, while giving a sense of essence of self-discovery through the chaos.

The different breed of bank according to Caxxianne

Bank from the Different Breed EP
Bank from the Different Breed EP

With the release date of ‘Bank (Broke Phase)’ around the corner, we were given a first listen to her latest track, which serves as a reflection of the challenges experienced through Caxxianne’s life journey so far.

You can feel the moments of struggle through the words and the use of Caxxianne’s talent as a force of motivation. Kody Glish’s vocals add a unique aspect to the track, with the wordplay and cadence flowing smoothly.

Caxxianne and her life journey

Coming all the way from the Cayman Islands, via Jamaica, Caxxianne has always had a passion for writing poems. This eventually transitioned to hip-hop, where she found a home for her talent.

Now she’s a fully-fledged contemporary hip-hop artist, mother, and poet, as well as an activist. Her approach to music and storytelling has always been fearless, as she blends her Caribbean roots with contemporary sounds.

She’s performed across Europe’s festival and underground scenes and has featured in many music publications such as Musik Woche, Music-Hub, 365 Female Mcs. Through her art, Caxxianne wants to inspire, connect, and converse through the power of music.

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