Earth Night April 18-23: Worldwide Raving for Mother Earth

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Find Earth Night events across the globe April 18-23. Photo courtesy of DJs4CA

DJs for Climate Action community is putting a new spin on Earth Day creating Earth Night. Read below to find Earth Night raves in your city this weekend.

Earth Night: Your excuse to rave

As someone who grew up in Minneapolis, one lesson the city taught me was that people will use any excuse to go out and have a good time. From the obvious big holidays around Christmas or Independence Day to more arbitrary reasons.

What if it’s the first pleasant spring day after a long winter? Absolutely. How about a large snowstorm rolling through and you’ll be working from home tomorrow? In that case, you’re grabbing some friends and heading to the sushi bar for copious amounts of sake.

What about this weekend you ask? Your excuse is to rave for mother earth baby.

DJs for Climate Action (DJs4CA) is leveraging their global network hosting parties around the world this week. From Montreal to Marrakesh, Los Angeles, and dozens of other places, the worldwide community of DJs4CA is on full display for Earth Night. The organization aims to raise awareness and funds using the influence of electronic music and DJs in the pursuit of climate justice. As they put it, they’re “harnessing music & nightlife’s power for climate action.”

Inspiration from Earth Day

Earth Night is inspired by the decades old Earth Day which is celebrated yearly on April 22. Earth Day is known as the largest civic event on earth gathering volunteers for cleanup projects in every corner the globe. This day is an important reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. This year’s theme of Planet vs Plastic is raising awareness of the issues around plastic waste and envisioning a heathier ecosystem for us all.

You can learn more about the Earth Day Network here.

Find Earth Night events near you

On the DJs4CA website, you’ll find over 30 worldwide Earth Night events. The best location for finding one of these events is in the city that never sleeps, New York. Across the boroughs, there’s 7 different events from day parties starting in the early afternoon at The Lot Radio in Brooklyn to proper raves running until the early morning.

Find Earth Night events from April 18-23 in your city here.

Fret not if you’re outside the Big Apple. You can find events mostly across North America and Europe to get some proper sustainable partying in. However, there are some more exotic events in Costa Rica, Mexico, Morocco, and Australia which shouldn’t be overlooked. An especially intriguing one will be located at Les Etoiles de Jemaâ El Fna in Marrakesh — which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Just remember to bring that reusable cup and you’ll be set. Happy raving.

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Written by Louis Rouffaud

Louis Rouffaud is a sustainability professional with a Master in Sustainability and Energy Management from Bocconi University, writing content on sustainability in the music industry. He is also a hip-hop and R&B enthusiast.

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