GEI Conference 2024: UK’s Best Conference for Sustainable Events

GEI Conference 2024

GEI Conference is the UK’s best conference covering sustainability in the events sector.

Green Events and Innovations: GEI Conference 2024

Celebrating its 16th year, the Green Events and Innovations or GEI Conference will be held Tuesday, February 27th. Hosted at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, the conference is a collaboration between A Greener Future and the International Live Music Conference, both respected organizations in the music events space.

Running you £159, GEI Conference includes panels focusing on the theme of creating more sustainable events through innovative solutions. Additional benefits of networking opportunities, lunch and a drinks reception are also included.

International AGF Awards

Following the GEI Conference will be the International AGF Awards ceremony. A Greener Future, the organization which created the awards, is a non-profit aiming to make festivals and events more sustainable through advocacy, education, and advisory services.

Of the nine different awards, the most coveted is the International Greener Festival Award. Some of the prominent nominees for the award this year are Boom Festival in Portugal and We Love Green in France.

If curious, check out the full list of awards and nominees.

What’s covered at GEI Conference?

Reviewing the partially released schedule, one quickly finds some intriguing panels. “The World’s First Carbon-Removed Gig” covers an event at the O2 Arena in London leading up to the conference. Intriguing to see if the event stands up to its name and what the overall impact will be.

Another discussion dives into influencing audiences and features new AGF research. The research assesses if festival goers attending these green festivals change their behaviors to be more environmentally conscious in the long term. More fascinating panels and discussions will be added to the schedule in the coming weeks—make sure to stay up to date.

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Written by Louis Rouffaud

Louis Rouffaud is a sustainability professional with a Master in Sustainability and Energy Management from Bocconi University, writing content on sustainability in the music industry. He is also a hip-hop and R&B enthusiast.

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