Hot Sunset is Making a Scorching Return for Summer 24

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Hot Sunset is back for summer 2024 with a series of high-profile events at the various clubs in Gianpula Village starting from the 11th of May at Club Phoenix. 

This year, Hot Sunset makes it’s hyped return with Ramzi at the helm, with support of us here at Underground Sound, alongside Ignite Marketing. Hot Sunset was established in 2023 and quickly became known as the hottest event of the year. But as heated as 2023 was, 2024 promises to dwarf it in attendance, budget, and live acts.

The unmissable Hot Sunset experience

Experience Hot Sunset
Experience Hot Sunset

These unmissable parties over the summer will take place at Club Phoenix, Rooftop, Marrakesh, and Roof Garden, at Gianpula Village. Expect to take in the sunset listening to tech-house, house, from both established Maltese DJs and foreign acts alike, while sipping on cocktails.

We sat down for a brief chat with Ramzi in Gianpula’s green room to discover what’s in store.

Ramzi: the man behind Hot Sunset

Ramzi behind the decks
Ramzi behind the decks

It’s a busy Saturday afternoon when we manage to pull aside Ramzi for a brief chat. With the first video shoot of the year taking place, grabbing Ramzi was no easy task. But we don’t quit, and we eventually got him to sit down.

So, what drives Ramzi to push the boundaries of his events? What are his insights into Malta’s cut throat music event scene, and what are his thoughts on upcoming trends?

“I’ve had a passion for music and events since I first got behind the decks at fourteen years old. The plans and investment made in to Hot Sunset 24 will be like nothing else we have ever done before. We’ve gone all out. Building a solid team that will help us push our branding, marketing, and international collaboration to new levels. Our events will have an immersive and carnival feel to them. I’m excited to show everyone what we have been up to when we open the doors on the 11th of May.”

Malta’s event scene

The vibes of Hot Sunset 23
The vibes of Hot Sunset 23

Although Malta is a small country, it would be a mistake to think that you can just walk up and put on a successful event. This is because the island is ultra-competitive when it comes to live music, especially in the summer months.

Trying to compete for attention in a sea of events certainly has its difficulties even if you have a unique concept like Hot Sunset. The key according to Ramzi is to not focus on the competition, and just keep in your own lane showing how it’s done through innovation, creativity, investment, and above all teamwork.

 “Competition is fierce, but the crowd, my team, the music, and the passion of being an artist in a world that’s always changing, drives me forward.”


Hot Sunset Merch, Image courtesy of Hot Sunset
Hot Sunset Merch, Image courtesy of Hot Sunset

Staying on top of trends is one key element to success. Ramzi tells us that Maltese trends are constantly changing, so staying on top of what’s hot right now is a job in itself. However, one prediction for Malta is the rebirth of trance, which is seeing a global rise in interest.

Will we be seeing an introduction of trance at this year’s Hot Sunset events? Well, you will have to just wait and see.

Recorded sets across the Maltese Isles

The view from Underground Sound's Office
The view from Underground Sound’s Office

Apart from the series of events, there will also be recorded sets filmed across Malta. These will give you a little taste of what to expect in terms of music and overall vibe. The first one to take place will be on the 9th of May for the launch of the official Hot Sunset YouTube channel. Hosted at Underground Sound’s office overlooking the Valletta Grand Harbor, this Cercle inspired set will be strictly exclusive and by invite only.

Written by Juliana Zammit

Juliana is a Bachelor student studying Journalism, and photography. Allowing her to narrate stories through text and images.

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