Introducing UgS Content, our B2B SEO Content Agency for the Music Industry

UgS Content team

World, meet UgS Content, the only SEO writing agency designed for the music industry.

Here at Underground Sound, we have always valued quality writing. So much that people started asking us to write for them! Hence the reason why we have created this fresh new brand. We have one thing in mind: helping people in the music industry reach their goals online through top ranking content.

UgS Content is offering article and blog writing services, social media post writing, press release creation, content consulting and a whole lot more to help your music business shine through the rest.

Cutting through the digital clutter

It doesn’t take a professional to realize there’s a lot of mediocre writing online.

This applies to the music industry as much as any other. From misleading event page descriptions, poorly formatted newsletters and blog sections that resemble a ghost town of good intentions.

That’s where we had an idea to solve this content gap.

UgS Content, filling the content gap in the music industry

UgS Content fills the gap by offering blog posts that rank, newsletters that engage and more – all written by music journalists. What differentiates UgS Content from other agencies is that our specialty is writing for music businesses, organizations and institutions. But how did we get here?

Since 2017, we’ve been writing about music, events and the stranger side of life. Along the way we’ve met many talented writers with diverse experiences from all backgrounds. We are thankful that many have contributed to the growth of Underground Sound as the years went by.

With time, patience and plenty of water, Underground Sound has grown a separate branch of the organizational tree to focus only on content requirements from the industry. It allows the company to offer a niche service, but also allows our staff a separate means of earning from writing. The same staff that we trust to write about the global underground, we trust to support clients looking for content on their own sites.

However, it’s not just about great writing – there’s also the aspect of SEO.

The art of being found

What’s the point of writing great content if nobody sees it? UgS Content offers SEO writing for music businesses want people to discover them. We call it “the art of being found”.

Our writers are trained in SEO content writing, and best practice’s. That means writing both elegant and high-ranking copy. It’s an asset for so many aspects of the fabric of music business. For example, in an age where artist names have to be unique, record labels want their artists to rank high on search engines so people can find them easy.

Another example is the need for ticketing websites to rank for the events they are hosting – nothing more dissuading than not being able to find the ticket link online.

All of this can be achieved through quality, well-thought-out and well-researched content. And who better to trust in writing than people that know music best?

Interested? Discover our range of services here. Follow us on LinkedIn for content tips and on Instagram for occasional updates.

Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has six years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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