Nature Is Now an Official Artist on Spotify Raising Money for EarthPercent

Screenshot of Nature profile on spotify
Screenshot of Nature profile on spotify

Sounds of jungles, oceans and anything created by mother nature herself have dropped on Spotify as an official artist. This means your bed-time white noise is about to level up– and for a good cause.

Nature is genuinely on Spotify

A man walking through a forest
Walk through a forest with NATURE Via Luis Del Río from Pexels

Say good-bye to the same old buzzing white noise you devour while falling asleep and get ready to snooze off with soothing sounds recorded straight from natural areas around the world.

Take your pick from “Costa Rican Jungle Rain” with the faint sound of barking wild dogs in the background, “Northern UK Forest Birds” tucking you in for the night, or “Florida Electric Skies” (my personal favorite). It doesn’t end there though; NATURE goes around the world collecting the most gorgeous sounds of animals, locations and weather just for you.

Who is NATURE?

stormy ocean and grey skies
Stormy ocean scene via Josh Sorenson from Pexels

NATURE comes from Sounds Right, an initiative from the Museum of the United Nations, in an effort to support music, ecology and conservation. Any proceeds or donations from their uploaded tracks go straight back into the pockets of conserving our planet – to EarthPercent, a charity compiled of musicians (you may recognize a founding name, Brian Eno) starting up events to protect our earth against climate change. 

It gets better though. If you’re an artist, and you’re looking for some neat ambience on your next track– look no further. Using NATURE’s sounds means between 50-70% of the royalties go straight to charity. So, why not go one step further than just switching to recyclable cups at your local club?

Our top picks

Huge names like Ellie GouldingTom WalkerDavid Bowie (well, a remix of Get Real) and AURORA have already jumped onto collaborating with NATURE.  For any of our BTS stans out there- you’ll be able to catch V on ‘wherever u r’ with UMI.

But you’re here for our top picks, and without further ado, we present Algo Está Cambiando by Bomba Estéreo. This smooth Colombian electronic track is about to be the theme song of your sustainable summer beach party. You should also get yourself on Blinky Bill’s ‘OH WAH’ for his stunning integration of zen beats, bird noises, and ocean-side acoustics.

Home-grown nature retreat

Keep your eyes peeled on NATURE’s Spotify and their playlist feat. NATURE for any new artist collaborations or ambiences, and don’t forget to follow EarthPercent’s new actions on their website

Need inspiration for new music?

We’ve got a place for that.

Written by Alice Milne

Alice or Daisy as they like to be known, is a Journalist studying at Malta University. They are a film nerd when at home, and raver at heart.

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