Paradise City Festival Outstanding At 2024 International AGF Awards

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Paradise City Festival crowned greenest festival at the International AGF Awards. Read below to see who else is pushing the boundaries of event sustainability.

International AGF Awards 2024

On February 27th, the GEI Conference concluded with the International AGF Awards—highlighting those festivals who integrated sustainability most effectively in the past year. Winners in the past have included leaders in this space from Boom Festival in Portugal to Shambala Festival in the UK.

Based in the UK, A Greener Future (AGF) is a non-profit making festivals and venues more environmentally friendly. To win, a festival must show a high level of effectiveness and leadership in making positive changes in the specific category.

Winners at the International AGF Awards

Ranging from circularity and communications, the 9 different awards cover a broad spectrum of avenues to make festivals more sustainable.

On the more climate focused awards, you have the Greener Power Award and the Greener Transport Award, aiming to reduce emissions related to energy and transportation respectively. Conversely, you have the Community Action Award. This celebrates those festivals who have “outstanding social inclusion, action for unity and acceptance between people” showing strong ties within the event and the community in the surrounding location.

Here are this year’s winners:

  • International Greener Festival Award: Paradise City Festival (BE)
  • AGF Greener Transport Award: Rosendal Garden Party (SE)
  • AGF Community Action Award: Sonidos Líquidos: Malvasía Weekend Festival (ES)
  • AGF Circular Festival Award: I Land Sound (EE)
  • AGF Greener Catering Award: Paradise City Festival (BE)
  • AGF Greener Power Award: Green Gathering (UK)
  • AGF Pied Piper Award (for Greener Communication): Øyafestivalen (NO)
  • AGF Water and Sanitation Award: Boom Festival (PT)
  • AGF Greener Innovations Award: 6 Degrees by Team Love & re:right design (UK)

Check out the full list of awards and nominees.

International Greener Festival Award: Paradise City

Most coveted of all the awards is the International Greener Festival Award. This award is “the top prize awarded to those leaders in the field who prioritize sustainability in everything they do.”

Paradise City Festival, this year’s winner, is certainly a leader in this space incorporating sustainability throughout the entire event. Not to mention also taking home the AGF Greener Catering Award for their meat-free food court.

Curious? Learn more about Paradise City Festival here.

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Written by Louis Rouffaud

Louis Rouffaud is a sustainability professional with a Master in Sustainability and Energy Management from Bocconi University, writing content on sustainability in the music industry. He is also a hip-hop and R&B enthusiast.

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