Paul Kalkbrenner Releases Latest Techno Single ‘Schwer’: An Energetic Journey

'Schwer' Screenshot of Paul Kalkbrenner new release music video
Screenshot from 'Schwer' music video of Paul Kalkbrenner's new release

Paul Kalkbrenner, the live mix maestro of techno, has released a great new single, potentially signaling a future album or EP release. ‘Schwer’ starts off steady, drawing listeners into its magnetic field.

International approval of ‘Schwer’

YouTube comments about 'Schwer' new release
YouTube comments about the new release

Paul Kalkbrenner fans are already expressing their content with his latest techno single. The YouTube comments show that Paul truly has an international fanbase.

Exclusive ‘Schwer’ music video released for dedicated fans

The music video for ‘Schwer’ is available only for Paul Kalkbrenner’s dedicated followers. You can watch it on the PK Baze app. Dive into the message behind the visuals that complement these driving beats.

Paul Kalkbrenner in Malta

For those in Malta, Summerdaze in Malta prepares to host the ultimate techno experience for them on August 15th. It’s an opportunity to experience ‘Schwer’ live, immersing oneself into Paul Kalkbrenner’s live act firsthand.

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Written by Yasmin Mifsud

Yasmin Mifsud is a music journalist at Underground Sound covering music news. She is currently studying Journalism at MCAST Malta.

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