The Future Of Music: TikTok’s New Stand-Alone Music App

Tiktok music. Credits: Cottonbro Studio via Pexels

TikTok has been experimenting with a subscription-only music streaming service which is available for testing.

TikTok Music is currently in the Beta phase, but is available for testing in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore, as a separate app that lets you stream music. It’s advantage among the already busy music streaming market is TikTok’s main app that is already well known for creating superstars such as Lil Naz X, Doja Cat, and Jack Harlow.

TikTok has been in talks with Warner, Universal and Sony Music to provide users with the ability to engage with songs and albums with features such as commenting and liking. Users will also be able to use Shazam to import playlists and songs to build a personal library.

What Features Are We Expecting?

TikTok Music Interface
TikTok Music Interface / Image credits: TikTok Music on Google Play

Combining different features, TikTok’s Music Company – ByteDance – has commented on having a ‘‘wide range of other social music streaming features’’. These include connecting the app with the main video app, through the ‘Sync with TikTok’ feature that will allow users to play TikTok’s hits in their full version.

Other Features will include:

  • Explore songs on a personalized page
  • Find your new favourite artist
  • Express yourself through engagement features
  • Sing along with the automatic built-in lyrics
  • Co-create collaborate playlists with friends
  • Import your music library
  • Find a song through lyrics Search
  • Identify any song you’re listening to with Shazam

Power Comes With A Price

As a premium-only subscription service, TikTok Music is aiming for a high-quality listening experience with an increase in opportunities and revenue for artists. In the roll-out countries, Australia currently sees the Individual premium account at the price of AUD $8.99 per month, following a one-month free trial available at sign up. In Singapore, the Individual plans are S$7.90, whilst in Mexico, it’s MXN 95 – all equivalent to €5 – which is less than a Spotify individual plan with the same features and more.

Are you ready to join TikTok Music?

Currently, it is only available in the roll-out countries but it will soon be released in the USA. However, there is no indication of when it will be available in other countries.

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Written by Juliana Zammit

Juliana is a Bachelor student studying Journalism, and photography. Allowing her to narrate stories through text and images.

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